Skanky Cunts

Skanky Little Cum Slut

Piper Brandy of Glass Mannequin is a skanky cum skanky slut. This skanky little bitch loves to be fucked hard and covered in cum. The people from Glass Mannequin were able to catch this sexy brunette get the shit fucked out of her sweet shaved cunt by the old perv who fucks all the tight young pussy on bring me your sister. Wasn’t long till this old perv had the bitch on her knees sucking his fat cock. Piper loves cock!!!!!!! The old man soon has the cum skanky slut on all fours fucking her doggie style like the little bitch she is. The slut loves a fat dick in her pussy just as much as any other sexy amateur sex smut star. To see this skanky tramp get  fucked and covered in cum download full video

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Piper Brandy Covered In Cum

You can see more of this nasty cum slut by streaming free trailer or download full film.

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Richard Nailder Loves Teen Booty

There is nothing I love more than the firm teenager ass of a cute eighteen-year-old and Autumn Breeze has one of the nicest petite teenager asses that I’ve ever had the chance to fondle. In this film, I had just finished doing a photo shoot of this skinny teenager and now it was time for me to let out some of my pent-up sexual frustration. And what better way than with a Glass Mannequin Girl? In addition to having a fine teenager ass, Autumn has a fine pair of perky teenager boobs and a sweet little teenager pussy that is just a tad bit to tight to take my fat penis without hurting just a bit. As you watch the film on Glass Mannequin, look for the pained face she makes as I spread her booty-cheeks and ram the full-length of my throbbing penis as deep in her tight little teenager cunt.

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Richard Nailder Admires Autumn’s Cute teenager Ass

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Babes Will Do Babe

Real Colorado Girls Thena Sky, Alison Rapture and Abigail blower love getting the chance at having some much needed teenager time. While having teenager talk amateur sex smut star Alison Rapture asked “have any of you ever been eaten out while smoking a cigarette?” Abigail Blower being new to the smut clip admits no…she hasn’t.

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Smoking babes

Well that was quick to change… Alison was soon face deep in Abigail’s nice shaved pussy tasting her sweet juices, with Thena Sky waiting for her turn with the sexy little blonde. Stream and download full shoot.

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alison rapture eats pussy

It’s Thena Sky turn to lick Abigails pussy as Alison Rapture grabs the sex sextoy and fucks the shit out of Thena’s nice pink pussy.Not only is Abigail new to getting her cunt munched while smoking a cigarette, but this Colorado skanky slut has never had a all teenager three-some. To see what happens on this all teenager three-some download full movie

Girls Fucking

Girl Will Do Girls

To see these Real Colorado teens have skanky teenager time download full video

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Skanky Fun With Smokie Flame

Some babes are just skanky and Smokie Flame is one of the naughtiest girl’s I’ve ever fucked – this petite redhead fuck-slut loves schlong and it doesn’t even bother her that her brother is just inched from her schlong-filled cunt. I’ve worked a few times for Smokie Flame but the most memorable was out first shoot for Bring Me Your Sister where her brother filmed her sucking and fucking my throbbing schlong.

Naughty Fun With Smokie Flame

The sex with Smokie Flame was so excellent that I can’t even remember what what she did to piss her off but this first video clip led to us filming again – not only for Bring Me Your Sister but also for Glass Mannequin. You can also follow Smokie Flame on Twitter – while you’re at it, follow me, Richard Nailder on twitter too for the latest updates to all of my sites. But before you run off, enjoy this free trailer of my first time fucking the skanky little redhead Smokie Flame.

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<-- smokieflame xxxp sisp hym redhead plts lbts petite bfc -->

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Jager Nightly’s Lesbian Audition

When I asked Gracelynn if she wanted to audition the new black chick I had just shot for Bring Me Your Sister in her first Lesbian sex scene Gracelynn jumped at the chance. Gracelynn had helped film Jager’s first boy-chick scene and wanted to taste this skinny black babes sweet little cunt and play with her flawless natural boobs and little butt – Gracelynn was dying to fuck Jager and I wanted to film it happen.

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Gracelynn Moans and Jager Nightly Kissing For The First Time

The babes wasted no time and it was obvious to the entire crew that the babes were enjoying each other – so much so that they soon forgot the cameras and were fucking for themselves and not for the cameras…. but that’s cool – real sex always makes the best videos.

Cuntmunching 101

Cunt licking 101

Although Gracelynn started the cunt munching, Jager was obviously into munching cunt too and it shows in the scene. Watching Jager spread Gracelynn’s fat cunt lips exposing her swollen clitoris then working that clitoris with her tongue like only a true bisexual or lesbian chick can do.

Munching The Muffin

Munching The Muffin

Download the video.

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Sexy Teen In Mountains

Hot Young Teen, Shaye Baxter is originally from California but after being in Colorado  for about 5 years this sexy teenager decides to become a Real Colorado Girl… This 18 year old brunette loves the outdoors so when ever she gets a chance to fuck in the mountains Shaye is all for it.. So come see how skanky this Colorado teenager can get in the Colorado Mountains Join Real Colorado Girls

Sexy teen outdoors

Sexy teenager outdoors

With her small breasts and tight body this dick tease shows the camera man why she is a Real Colorado Girl at heart. To see this little sluts small shaved pussy and petite boob Join Real Colorado Girls

Teens Tight Body

Teens Tight Body

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A Light Night Tip

Alison Rapture loves sitting on a fat cock before bed; it always puts her tosleep. Lucky for this horny slut the old man was there with hard erection and ready to fuck. To see this young brunette get her late night booty call Join Glass Mannequin


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I Fucked His Tattooed Little Sister

More free sister smut films added to Bring Me Your Sister.

I finally got off my butt and added a new teaser site with some free video clip films of Kirstoff filming his little sister getting fucked. I’m the lucky bastard that gets to fuck the skanky sisters when their brothers drag them in after they commit some unforgivable transgression. In Butterfly Haze’s case, this skanky little sister had been fucking his brother’s wife and he found out. In fact, his little sister fucked her so well that the skankalicious slut packed her bags and moved in with his little sister. Imagine what you would do if your wife left you for your little sister!

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Well Kirstoff’s not one to quit just because his little sister fucked him over. In fact, he found a way to get even. First he got his little sister to agree that the least she could do was pay for the divorce. After all, it was his sister getting all the cunt now and not him. Problem was, she had no way to pay him. He then told her he had a perfect way for her to earn a few cash and drug her to my house – what he didn’t tell her was that she would have to fuck a pasty old white bro to get off the hook. He also failed to tell her that he wasn’t about to let her leave till he got his retaliation. Now I love to fuck sexy coed sluts but grudge-fucking your sister is my favorite pastime.

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Poor little lesbian Butterfly Haze, with her pretty little butterfly tattoos all over her firm coed body, had been fucking her brother’s wife for so long that she forgot what it was like to have a mammoth hard schlong rammed in her itty bitty coed cunt! For me, the best part was feeling her itty bitty cunt spasm as I slowly pushed my hard schlong into her little shaved cunt – for her brother, it was filming me fuck the sleazy little bitch. Kirstoff was so pissed of that it didn’t bother him a bit that it hurt his sister a bit to take such a mammoth schlong after so many months of fucking only women – in fact, I think the sick bastard enjoyed it a little – but probably not as much as I did ;-)

grudge fucking his sisterhot cum on his sister

Well as I said at the start – I put a few free films of the tattooed and pierced little inkslut, Butterfly, on the web for your enjoyment – you can check them out here or take the full tour at Bring Me Your Sister – members even get to see the entire video clip at DVD quality.

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Fuck Me Hard

Sexy teen Faith Vega loves a good FUCK after a long day. Just the thought of getting some pecker makes this sleazy teenagers thong wet. Come see this skanky Latina take charge in the bed room making you beg for more…. Download Full Movie

Faith loves warm cum

Faith loves warm cum

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Cunt Luvin Lesbians

Naughty Little Hannah stopped by with her girlfriend Angelina and the two were commenting that they had known each other forever but had never fucked each other so I decided to give the two sweethearts a chance do do a little lesbian cunt licking on camera. Grabbing a clip camera and a few vibrating dildos, we headed to the bedroom, let the coeds pick their dildos from my sex dildo collection and told them to have fun – and have fun they did! To tell the truth, I had always wanted to see Angelina’s sweet shave swollen-pussy and her over-sized apple booty on camera and my wish was suddenly coming true. I posted a few cunt photograph here but to see skanky Little Hannah totally abuse her babe friend’s cunt, you should check out the members area at Glass Mannequin.  Do it today and I’ll throw in a free pass to Real Colorado Girls so you can see more of these nasty coeds making lesbian sex look like an evertday sport.

NaughtyHannah Gives Angelina Some Girl-on-Girl Cunt-Luvin lesbian teen boty pufp gnd gfm hym lcm 1tm brunette teen shaved dildo

Naughty Little Hannah Gives Angelina Some babe-on-babe Cunt-Luvin

Now remember, I wasn’t the one who picked out the dildos for these sluts but I wasn’t surprised to see then both pick out small little vibrating dildos – they said they liked the way the little dildos vibrated in their pussies and on their puffy little clits. skanky Little Hannah started right in on Angelina and within a few minutes Angelina was quivering at the edge of orgasm. But being the tease that Hannah is, she made her babe wait a bit longer – having her get on her hands and knees and putting her round white booty in the air for us all to see. All the time rubbing the little vibrating sex-toy on her clitoris untill she reached her climax.

Angelina's Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Angelina’s Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Hannah then pulled out this colossal sized double-ended sex-toy and started getting it a little wet before she stuffed the thing deep in Angelina’s tight little pussy – at least her cunt was tight before that monstrous sex-toy violated her warm wet paradise. But Little Hannah knew what she wanted to so soon the coeds were scissoring on the bed with a monstrous rubber double-ended sex-toy fucking them both.  The clip in the member’s area at Glass Mannequin shows  exactly how much of this colossal sex-toy that these coeds can make disappear – check it out!

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Of course, filling a cunt isn’t all there is to proper cunt luvin – taking care of a babe;’s clitoris is just as important and skanky Little Hannah knew this well. As soon as she stuffed the sex-toy in her friends cunt, she went right to work on her clitoris – and at last, Angelina cried out in ecstasy as intense waves of pleasure rolled over her firm teenager body. There was no faking her orgasm – it was real and it was intense.  See both coeds cream in the members area.

Now That's What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

Now That’s What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

Of course – you don’t have to trust me – you can see Angelina and Hannah for your selves – just sign up today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two exclusive amateur sex sitesReal Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister – all for no extra fee  – see you there.

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