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Who doesn’t like their dick sucked? I sure as hell do and I go out of my way to find Colorado’s best dick suckers. And Violet is way up on my list of exquisite dick suckers. I shot Violet’s first amateur sex porno scene a year ago and have had the chance to fuck this short Colorado teenager a number of times since then – both on and off camera. You can see the latest dick-sucking footage of this skanky teenager cunt at

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Pussy For A Ride

Delilah Daze needed a ride to work one afternoon and decide to stop by the neighbors house to trade pussy for a ride. When she arrived, she interrupted the old man while he was making his coffee, getting ready to start his day. The old man just couldn’t control himself around this teenage sluts’ tight round butt, pointy boobies, and letter-perfect olive skin and was soon overcome by her presence.

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He threw this petite brown haired on the kitchen table and starts to munch on her sexy tight pussy. His tongue feels so superior, this horny skank shoves his blow job deeper in her cunt.

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The dirty neighbor got her pussy dripping wet when he spread her sexy pink pussy lips and tickled that hoes clitoris with the tip of his tongue. View the free trailer.

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She’d had enough and had to have his giant dick.  Letting that dick slide so smoothly down her throat, it felt like he died and gone to heaven. You can stream and download the homemade sex vid here.

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Everybody Loves An Orgy

Now it’s not everyday that I get to film an orgy in my living room – and even more seldom that I get to hand the camera to someone else and jump in to help fuck the sluts but it does happen – and I have the real homemade sex movies to prove it. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were all chillin at the pad. Matt had been saying that he had what it takes to make a movie and the babes were game so we got the camera’s out, handed the cameras to a few of the babes that didn’t desire to fuck on camera and we got to fucking.

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Now – as usual, I’m only going to show a few free porno vids this week – then I’ll show the rest in a week or so so be sure to bookmark this page. If you just can’t wait to see who fucks who, or if you desire to see the entire amateur sex orgy in high-quality movie, then you can always check out the entire movie at

Matt had a little trouble getting his pecker hard. In fact, he even had one of the camera babes sucking on it and he was still having trouble. It’s amazing how many guys ain’t got what it takes to be a porno star – LOL. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good hummer – and Misty sure as hell knows how to suck a man’s meat. But watching Butterfly munch Misty’s wet cunt was as much of a turn-on as getting my meat slobbered on.

Just as I was about to blow my wad in Misty’s warm mouth, I flipped the dwarf meat sucker over and slammed my massive meat deep inside her slippery wet cunt. I think Matt was still have trouble getting it hard – poor fucker! Let me just say that I had a fucking throbbing hard meat and I was doing my best to hurt Misty with it.

Now you’ve heard me say it before, Butterfly has more than some sexy butterfly tattoos, she has one of the tightest coed cunts I’ve ever fucked – But you’ll need to come back next week to see me fuck Butterfly – and see if Matt ever gets it hard. Or you can see the entire amateur porno video here.

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Gracelynn Moans And Angel Cakes

It was a weekend of wild sex with two of the most beautiful girls in Colorado and i was thew lucky bastard that got to shoot it all – and later join in. It all started when the cute brunette Angel Cakes called and wanted to do some work. I immediately called my good friend Gracelynn Moans and we started plotting.  It seemed that the monstrous-booty queen, Angel Cakes, had never done a teen-on-teen vid before and knowing Gracelynn the way I do, I knew she would be down to pop Angel’s teen-cherry….. and I was sure as fuck down to join in on the fun.

Teen Booty

Angel Cakes and Gracelynn Moans – Shakin Dat Booty

It didn’t take long for these two Colorado Natives to get each other on the bed doing the booty-shake. Angel being the master and Gracelynn doing her best to keep up – soon the table would turn as Gracelynn spread her girlfriends slender legs and bury her tongue deep in her girlfriends shave teenager pussy.  Now I’ve filmed a lot of lesbian smut and you can always tell if one of the girls isn’t into the lesbian shoot – and in this shoot, it was obvious that Angel was enjoying her first taste of teen-love and Gracelynn was lovin it too.

Gracelynn Moans Makes Angel Cakes Cum

Gracelynn Moans Makes Angel Cakes Cum

You have no idea how hard it was to have these two long-haired beauties munching each others teenager cunts right in front of my face. So – stay tuned – I’m betting all these girls need now is a hard dick to fully satisfy their sexual cravings.

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Lady Lez, Colorado’s Pure Lesbian Power

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This lesbian cunt loves the ladies and never passed up a chance to fuck as many of them on camera as she could. Lady has stared in a seven or eight amateur sex lesbian films and half a dozen lesbian photo shoots. Each time this pussy eating skank would bring a new babe over we would get a new lesbian film. Lady’s natural energy on camera is grand and it’s obvious that her enjoyment, and her orgasm’s is real. At only 18, lady has more experience than most girls – claiming to have fucked over 200 women, this skank doesn’t hesitate to bury her face in a girls crotch and proceed to make her spunk. See more lesbian porn at

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Fuck My Black Cunt!!!!!

If you enjoy watching interracial sex you will love this shoot. Here’s amateur sex smut Star Diva Duz laying on the bed half unclothed as the old mans sucks her chocolate nipples. Watch as this dirty old man teases the sexy black teenager with his tongue making her panties wet. To watch this sleazy black teen get drilled by the horny white man Join Real Colorado Girls

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hot interracial sex

Here a good close up of the young black teens pretty pussy as it gets hammered by a huge white cock…. Download Full Movie

Black Teens Pussy

Black teens Pussy

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Blaze Burnz Takes Two Mammoth Meat

Blaze Burnz is another Mannequin Girl that just loves a fat pecker so what better way to satisfy her than to give her two? Blaze had never fucked two guys at once and was dying to have a duo-of-pecker to play with and so we setup a shoot with my fiend and soon the two of us had her sandwiched between us as we fucked the shit out of this sexy tattooed young mom.

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Blaze And Her Friends

You can see a few free vid scenes of this skanky coed mom getting hammered by to mammoth pecker on my new gallery site Papa’s Free coed Porn or you can see the entire vid on Glass Mannequin today.

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Round Teen Booty

Jayda is one of the cutest teens I’ve ever seen and when I saw these outdoor vids of this cute Colorado girl flashing her round coed booty  and then stuffing a green sex-toy deep in her shaved Latina cunt, I had to take ten and spank the monkey. Jayda has more than the ideal round booty – she also has a impeccable set of firm coed tits. These voyeur images are from a scene that was secretly shot while this hot coed was walking in the woods behind her abode.

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Jayda – Glass Mannequin babe Masturbating

Jayda wasted no time in getting unclad and letting the sun warm her round ass and shaved little cunt. And lucky for us, some perv caught her public masturbation on film. Of course, you should sign up for Glass Mannequin and see the vids for yourself. In fact, if you join Glass Mannequin today, I’ll throw in two bonus memberships to Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister for no additional charge. Jayda appears on two of these sites and with any luck, we’ll get her to do a hardcore shoot for the third. In the mean time, feel free to sign up and download all the high-quality vids of this hot coed with the impeccable round booty.

Jayda's Round Teen Booty - And Sweet Latina Pussy

Jayda’s Round coed Booty – And Sweet Latina Pussy

Of course, there are more teens on Glass Mannequin with impeccable asses so if you like booty – check out our amateur sex teens – and don’t forget the lube – these teens all like it when you jerk off to their images.  In fact, if you like this babe, the only place you can see her images is on our sites. By joining Glass Mannequin today, you can see every single unclad picture ever published of this hot Latina coed. And as luck has it, we have hundreds of hot images and almost a dozen vids of this round booty cutie.

Jayda Lowers Her Round Teen Booty Onto A Vibrating Sex Toy

Jayda Lowers Her Round coed Booty Onto A Vibrating Sex Toy

To see the entire 30-minute scene of Jayda and her impeccable ass – join Glass Mannequin today.

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Dainty Coed Cunt – Jayda Garcia

Brunette amateur sex Jayda Garcia is an 18-year old Colorado teenager that likes the superior outdoors – and when I first saw the images of her stuffing a green dildo in her tiny coed cunt, I almost came all over myself. With 276 high def pic in the photo set, there’s enough closeup images of this cute amateur sex hippie teen’s tiny cunt for any man to get off to. In fact, there are thousands of images and video clips of this Colorado teen’s tiny cunt on Glass Mannequin

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Tiny coed Cunt Stuffed With A Dildo

If you hunger for to see more images and clip of this girl’s tiny coed cunt, you need to check out the members area and get the lube and your cock out.

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Redhead lesbian cuntmuncher Smokie Flame wanted to pop the petite teenage amateur sex teenage, Kyanna Raves, lesbian cherry and so when I asked her to do a lesbian shoot with the small little brown haired for Glass Mannequin she jumped at the chance . It didn’t take Smokie long to have her new girlfriend spread out on the bed, her exquisite natural cans in the air and her legs spread wide as Smokie fisted the petite brown haired in her first on-camera lesbian smut movie.

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Cuntmunchers Smokie Flame and Kyanna Raves

Watch these two cuntmunchers on Glass Mannequin today.

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