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Richard Nailder Fucks Angel Cakes

That’s right – Richard Nailder fucked Angel Cakes in her very first porno shoot ever. Someone told me the hard-bodied teen with the perky little boobs and big round booty  looked a lot like Brooklyn Nights and when I asked Angel she said she was her little sister – now go figure, Richard Nailder the “sister fucker“  fucked Brooklyn Nights little sister while their gay brother filmed it all – now that’s fucked up! But wait, it gets better…. The reason Jayden is pimping his sister out is because his sister fucked his boyfriend! Apparently her brother’s fuck homie wasn’t as gay as he claimed to be because after getting a little of his sister’s cooder, he decided he liked women better and no longer fucked her brother. Shit – now even I’m confused.

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Richard Nailder Fucks Angel Cakes

Regardless of who fucked his sister, he was pissed and wanted a little revenge and who better to make a sister pay for her transgressions that Richard Nailder? Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll fuck her for you has always been his motto so when it comes to fucking Angel Cakes, he was up to the task. To see Richard Nailder hammering the cute dark haired teen Angel Cakes in her first ever porno shoot check out Bring Me Your Sister today.

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My Skinny Sister Riding Boner

I don’t have many girlfriends so I spend a lot of time fantasizing about my skinny little sister. Sometimes Shaye runs from the shower to her room nekkid and watch her itty bitty titties bounce as she makes the dash to the privacy of her own room – I then dream. I dream about seeing her spread her swollen little coochy lips so that i can see her stroking her fat little clitoris – or of her taking a jumbo throbbing cock deep in her tight little teenage coochy. But my sister is real shy so I never figured I have a real chance to see her fucking until I found this guy’s add in the paper. He would let you film your own sister fucking – all you had to do was prove she owed you some dough and he would make a smut of her – and let you video it.

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My Sister Thought It Was A Joke

Like all sisters, my little sister was always breaking my stuff – so when she borrowed my laptop – I broke it and blamed it on her. She don’t know shit about computers so she really believed she broke it. I told her she had to pay – and gave her a chance to earn the dough. She agreed and there I was – filming my skinny sister’s swollen coed pussy being hammered by an old guy’s cock. She was so skinny and his cock was so fat that I thought he was going to split my skinny sister in half with his fat old cock.  Nothing like a sister grudge fuck to get a brother in the mood.

My Skinny Sister Riding Cock

My Skinny Sister Riding Cock

You can jerk off to the entire sister porn scene I made of my skinny little sister on Bring Me Your Sister – after all – I do!

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The Little Cunt Wrecked Her Brother’s Football Jarsey

Diva fucked up! See, the little cunt threw a party at her brothers pad and while she was partying, she put on a signed football jersey of his and got pizza stains all over it. Now her brother wants a little revenge – and since it would just be wrong for him to grudge-fuck his own sister, I told him I would do it for him – now ain’t that fucking kind of me? ;-)

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Poor little Diva was a bit pissed at first but I think she realized that the only way to get her brother off her back, was to let her brother make a clip of her fucking me. Did I mention that I love my work? Now I’ve never been with a black teenager before but there’s a first time for everything. I was surprised at how cute her little pussy was. In fact, this dainty little black honey knows how to suck an old man’s lonely cock.

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Now don’t get me wrong – I thing it’s just terrible for a loving brother to pimp out his little sister but what the fuck – I’m getting some exceptional teen pussy and we’re filming it so you can enjoy it too. It’s funny how many brothers get a raging fucking meat watching me fuck their sisters – sick fuckers! At least they have to keep the camera in their hands so they aren’t jerking off as they watch me fuck their sisters.

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Of course – it’s exceptional with me if you jerk of to the homemade vids of me fucking your sister – just bring her on by. Of course, if you’re a lover of sister smut, be sure to check out all of the sister vids at

Oh – and yes, I’ll post the rest of the vids next week.

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Violet’s First Anal Sex

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Violet Little’s first Anal Porn. I’ve shot this cute teen amateur sex a few time now but she had always been a bit afraid of anal sex but wanted to give it a try. Now let me tell you a little about this teen mom – she’s 18 years old, lives in Littleton, Colorado with her mom, and truly loves sex. Anistaija (another one of our amateur sex models) brought Violet along on to a photo shoot and after watching Anistaija get fucked hard by Ricky, Violet decided she wanted in on the action (and the easy dough). We reset the lights and I proceeded to fuck Violet as her brother filmed it. You can see Violets first ever amateur sex smut shoot on our sister site Anyway, Violet became one of my favorite models because she loves the “over sized meat” so much. Violet calls me every few weeks and wants to do another shoot and who am I to turn her down?

Anyway, Violet took my huge meat up her butt like a champ but not without a little effort. We finished off with a pretty good “facial” that loaded Violets left eye with cum. See the images and movie of Violet’s first anal sex at

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Violet Likes Mr Richard’s Giant Cock

There are few teens that I would rather fuck that Violet. This nasty young mom has a super tight little snatch and a flawless set of jumbo natural boobs. At only 4 foot 11 inch, taking a 8 inch cock is no little feat but this petite teenager manages to take it like a champ – in fact she gives a pretty decent hummer too.

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Teen Loves immense Cock

We shot this hardcore shoot one afternoon when Volet was feeeling a little itch and it shows in the pics and video of this perverted teen hussy. Violet was needing some hard cock and she knew where to get it. Lucky for you, she let me film it and you can check out all the pics and scenes at

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Latina Cocksucker – Joey

I love blow jobs but sadly, most girls give lousy fellatio but that wasn’t the case with Joey. I had know this petite Latina girl for a few years and she had always teased that she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch but I never really believed her – that was until she sucked my penis in these homemade amateur sex sex movies. Joey knew how to keep the rhythm, play wit the balls and use her tongue, hands and lips for maximum effect.  To see more of this hot Latina cocksucker visit Glass Mannequin and get ready for the best head you’s ever seen.

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Pounding Tight Teen Snatch

In my book, there is nothing as marvelous as spreading a coeds butt cheeks and slamming your cock as deep in her tight teen pussy as possible. Lucky for us, the guys at Glass Mannequin feel the same way  and have tons of hot photograph and video clips of cute amateur sex coeds their little little muffies filled with substantial throbbing erections. This picture is from a super hot video of Thena fucking Richard Nailder. She had the giggles during the shoot and really had a good time – she even managed to have multiple orgasms.

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Pounding teen Pussy

Thena can also be see on Glass Mannequin’s two sister sites; Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls. The good news is that you now get full access to all three exclusive sites for one low membership price. These sites are all packed full of true amateur sex models from the local area. So if you are really a true lover of amateur sex teen pussy – check out the sites and have fun jerking off to Thena and her friends.

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