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Maxi Booty Outdoor Sex

Maxi Booty had been wanting some schlong for a few days and when she got the chance to go for a walk in the woods with a friend she jumped on it. Of course, Maxi loves to suck schlong so she started by deep-throating the older man’s fat schlong to get things started. Now one of the first things you notice about this Real Colorado Girl is her big smile – and trust me, if you have a fat schlong, this cute Colorado girl can get it all the way down her throat.

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Maxi Booty Gives Richard Nailder Head

Of course, most guys want more than just a bj and Richard Nailder is no different so he was soon fingering Maxi’s shaved and soaking wet swollen cunt as she moaned in pleasure from the sensation of the older man’s working her clitoris and then her g-spot. Seeing the sexy hard-bodied coed as she arches her back and moans in pleasure as she reaches her first orgasm is enough for most men to shot a load of spunk all over her terrific teen boobs but Richard wanted to feel his throbbing schlong sliding deep in her already wet little cunt.

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Maxie Booty’s Wet Pussy

Of course, being the environmentally safe person that he is, Richard Nailder didn’t want to leave his semen in the woods so after fucking Maxi for a good bit, the old pervert reached around and started playing with the cute coed’s fat clitoris. He soon felt her pussy walls contracting on his throbbing schlong as she climaxed for the third time. Thrusting a few times more, he shot a large load of hot sticky semen deep in her tight teen twat giving her a wet and sticky creampie in the woods near South Park Colorado – something all Real Colorado Girls love – LOL.

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Richard Nailder Cums In Maxi Booty

If you want to see the entire scene of Maxi – it can only be found on so click on a picture and check out the scene today.

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Fresh Teen Pussy

Angel Cakes is a fresh new amateur sex porno model from Colorado and in this, her second porno movie ever, she lets the old bastard Richard Nailder hammer her fresh teen pussy with his fat pecker as her brother vids it all for you all to enjoy. After her brother negotiated with the guys at Bring Me Your Sister for how much he could get for piping his sister out – he took the camera and filmed his sister as the old bastard at Bring Me Your Sister pulled off her skirt and started licking her fresh teen pussy.

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Angel Cakes – Fresh teen Pussy

Of course, we all know the main reason guys munch pussy – to make the pussy nice and wet so that you can slide your fat pecker in without hurting the tight little teenager pussy too much. Well, that’s one reason – the other is that once you learn to munch pussy right, girls will come back for more – and that’s exactly what this hard-bodied teen with the excellent round booty did. At the same time, with her firm teen booty in the air 69-style, she returned the favor by sucking Richard’s pecker in one of the best blowjobs the old fucker had ever received. It was a little weird to have her brother shoot it all but that’s the way the guys at Bring Me Your Sister like it to go down.

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Eating Fresh teen Pussy

Of course, fucking teen pussy is most mens favorite pastime and it didn’t take long for Richard Nailder of Bring Me Your Sister to have Angel folded in half with her panties around her knees and his fat pecker burred deep in her tight teen pussy. Angel watched as the pecker filled her little cunt to the bursting point than moaned in pleasure, and a little pain, as the old fart started to fuck her harder and harder.

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Fucking Angel Cakes Fresh teen Pussy

Of course – the photograph are only a tease – to see the xxx amateur sex teen movie of Angel Cakes getting fucked, join Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Teenager Stripper Does Her First Porno Movie

Nothing like going to the strip club and running into a chick you just watched online taking a monstrous pecker deep in her shaved little coed snatch.  It brings getting a lap dance to an all new level – and that’s how I felt last night getting a dance form Hannah – aka Foxxy. Every time she would push her fine perky little boobs near my face, I would imagine the guy in the shoot sucking on her fine little nipples – and every time she would bend over, in my mind, it was me ramming my throbbing pecker deep in her tiny little shaved coed cunt.

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Hannah (aka Foxxy) Taking A Break During Her First smut Shoot

It appears that Hannah (aka Foxxy) got into smut because she pissed he brother off and he pimped her butt to some old perv that let her brother video her while the old guy fucked her. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty dysfunctional family if you ask me. Dysfunctional family or not, Foxxy gives a super hot lap dance and for the rest of the night, all I could do was think about ramming my own pecker in her sloppy wet cunt. Hell, I would even let her mischievous brother video it if it got her off. Hannah has done quite a few smut’s and there will be new ones posted regularly so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more.

You can see Foxxy at work at TnT’s in Colorado Springs or better yet, see her video clips at Bring Me Your Sister – join today and also get full access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls – Colorado’s hottest amateur sex smut sites.

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Papa Pounded Her Teen Coochie – Part 2

Last week we showed you the first six homemade movie videos of 18-year old Thena Sky fucking her 48-year old neighbor and as usual, we’re back with more videos of this froward encounter between this old guy we call Papa and his neighbor girl that’s younger than his own daughter. Thena Sky is a little cum dumpster that really loves meat but papa’s meat is so large that when he really pounds her tight coed snatch, she winces a bit from the pain. Sure she like how it fills her tiny snatch but damn, it’s a lot of meat for such a tender young coed. You can see the full shoots on Glass Mannequin

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Thena Sky is not the only hot coed on Glass Mannequin but she’s one of the most fun. This young woman loves sex and it’s a rare day that she’s not riding someone’s meat. The good part is she let’s almost everyone fuck her and most of them get to video her. She loves to be in homemade shoots and she’ll do almost anything to show off her coed snatch – even fuck the neighbor guy that’s 30 years older than her.

So, if you like these videos – imagine how nice it is to watch the entire shoot in 5 times the quality and with no interruptions. You can see her and more if you join Glass Mannequin now – In fact, we’ll give you full access to two bonus sites at no extra cost just for joining today.

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My Sister Has A Top-notch Round Booty

Dude, I never had a clue that my sister had such a excellent round booty but after the little whore pawned my tools, I pimped her butt out and even filmed my own sister fucking some old bastard – the fucker even paid me to fuck my sister! It all started when my sister pawned my tile tools – I need then for a job and the cunt didn’t have the money to get them out. I had read in the paper a few weeks back that there was a company in town called Bring Me Your Sister that lets guys settle their debits with their sisters by trading an amateur sex smut film of the guy’s sister for a few dough money. They even let the brother video his sister fucking. I immediately called the guy at the amateur sex smut site and he said “Bring Me Your Sister” and he would fuck the hell out of her and pay me the cash that I needed to get my tools out of pawn. An hour later I was holding a camera just inches from my little sister’s excellent round butt as an old man hammered her sweet little pussy with his fat old meat. If you lust after to see the smut film I made of my sister fucking – then check it out on Bring Me Your Sister now.

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My Sister – Gracelynn Moans

See my sister getting fucked – only on

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Two Pussies Are Better Than One

Every guy that’s ever fucked two teenagers at the same time will attest that two pussies are a shitload better than one. If you’ve never fucked two teenagers at once you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, you need to get to know the right teenagers – and Tasha and Butterfly are two that love to share erection!

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It was Butterfly’s idea to have the FFM threesome and Tasha jumped at the chance. Now let me tell you a little bit about butterfly – this coed has one of the tightest coed pussies I’ve ever had the chance to fuck and Tasha really knows how suck a erection. The teenagers did plenty of coed-on-coed cunt devouring and I even got my share of eating coed cunt before fucking the teenagers.


I started by fucking the tight little cunt of Butterfly then I hammered Tasha’s shaved cunt till she exploded in a forceful orgasm – I could feel her wet cunt contracting on my whopping erection as she shuddered and moaned. I then blew a hot load of spunk all over Tasha as Butterfly watched.

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Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Holie-marie

Mmm Holie-Marie – I fucking thought she was going to choke to death. That would just suck to have a dead coed in my yard – but as luck would have it, none of her gagging was fatal.

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Holie Marie Sucks Mr. Richard’s Cock

If you had been at my house that night, you would have sworn that someone was getting killed but relax, it was just Hoile-Marie gagging and screaming as I shoved my king-sized pecker in her mouth and super tight teen pussy. You really should check out the full video!

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Dave Filming His Little Sister Fucking

Sometimes your sister does something that really pisses you off – and all you can think about is getting even with the little cunt. Well, last Sunday when Dave’s little sister drank his last beer, he was fucking pissed. So pissed that he debated killing the little cum dumpster but then he remembered seeing an add in the local paper offering payback on sisters that had done their brothers wrong. So two  hours later, he’s at the guy’s flat with his sister in tow. Dave’s sister was all shook up and wanted nothing more than to be done with her brother’s bullshit. But she had no idea what he had in store for her.

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Dave Gets A Closeup Of His Sister’s Pussy

As it turns out, the add in the paper was for an older guy that got his rocks off fucking guys sisters as the brothers filmed it.  And Dave was looking to get a closeup or two of his sister’s muffin being grudge-fucked by the old guy’s monstrous meat as vengeance. You can see the entire DVD quality naughty sex clip that Dave made of his sister fucking the old guy on Bring Me Your Sister.

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