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Sister Porno

What kind of brother vids his sister in her first smut video? Of course, I’d be the last guy to complain that the world is filled with brothers that would love to see their sister in a sister porn video – and even a few that have the nerve to actually video their sisters fucking. The reason you’ll never hear me complaining is I’m most likely the guy fucking the errant sister as her sick fucking brother vids it all. You see, I had four sisters – and they were always breaking my stuff and just making my life miserable in general.

I always dreamed of having a way to really humiliate my sisters but it was first later in life that I figured it out – let me make a sister smut featuring my own sister and post it on the internet. So I put an add in the local paper: “Had your sister pissed you off, has she done you wrong? Did she wreck your wheels, fuck your best friend, or kill all your goldfish? If so, isn’t it time you got a little revenge? Revenge has never been so sweet!“. And the brothers started bringing their sisters to make smut.

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Just last week, this good-sized redhead showed up on my porch with his little dark haired 1/2 sister. Seems the little whore had been fucking his father and it was really tearing their mother up. Now back off – it wasn’t her father – but it was the ex-husband of her mother and IMO – a little weird…..

From the look on her brothers face in this picture, he’s enjoying watching his sister getting spanked way too much! Maybe more than I’m enjoying spanking his sister – but then it would be wrong for a brother to spank his sisters bare bottom – that’s what I’m here for. This sick brother had a special request – he wanted me to tie his little sister up and “fuck her hard” in her first sister smut video.

I learned quickly that the ropes were more than for looks – this little cunt likes to scratch. I got too close to her razor-sharp finger nails and the little cunt ripped a series of scratches across my back – maybe there was something that her brother forgot to tell me. To see the entire smut video that Josh made of his little sister, errant Little Hannah, be sure to check out

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Lucky Fucker

Owning my own amateur sex porno production company has it’s benefits and fucking the models is just one of them. We had just finished shooting a lesbian set of Diva and Misty in my hot tub when the teenagers decided they wanted to have a little fun with the boss. Lucky for us, the camera crew was still there so they caught our little three-some three-some on camera.

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Amateur Orgy

Now I can think of nothing funner than fucking and fucking two gorgeous hotties at the same time just makes the orgy more fun. Just imagine having these petite hotties slobbering all over your cock as they fight to see who can suck cock the best. In my experience, it’s best not to rate them while their sucking your cock of the looser may throw in the towel and you may not get to ram your cock in her tight little pussy – so save the commentary for later.

Amateur Orgy

Amateur Orgy – free tour at

Now personally, I have no preference over the color of the pussy I fuck – as long as it’s sweet, tight and warm and wet…. And Misty’s tiny little pussy was all four. The fact that Diva wanted to play with her clitoris as I was fucking her just made our little group sex encounter more fun. In fact, these small bi-sexual sweethearts were as much into fucking each other as they were into fucking me so there was plenty of pussy licking going on throughout our little spontaneous orgy.

Amateur Orgy

Amateur Orgy – free tour at

And watching these naughty lesbians kissing as I rammed my throbbing cock deep in their tiny twats was super fucking hot. Imagine your cock burried deep in Misty’s tiny cunt and looking up to see Diva playing with her massive titties and kissing her wet mouth. In fact, imagine it as you watch the entire video at Glass Mannequin – Members get to see these two sweethearts in a good dozen high-quality scenes and picture sets so check it out today.

Amateur Orgy - Free Tour at

Amateur Orgy – Free Tour at

And yes, I did set a massive load of sticky semen all over these naughty sluts so check out the free hardcore tour videos. Good news is we are now offerring access to all three of our sites for the price of one so when you sign up to see these naughty sluts on Glass you get full access to and

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Violet Little Forced To Do Smut

Violet Little probably never would have become the pornstar she is today if it had not been for her brother. Yes, it was her brother that forced her to do her very first porno movie for the sick fuckers at Bring Me Your Sister after she wrecked his play-station and had no way to pay him back. Seems her brother’s toys were more valuable to him than his sister’s chastity so when his cute dwarf sister couldn’t pay him back, the sick pervert pimped her out in her very first porno movie. Lucky for us, Violet Little loves pecker and performing in front of the camera was more of a turn-on for her than her brother could ever have imagined – even if her brother was filming her fuck.

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Violet Little – Forced By Her Brother To Do Porn

Poor little Violet had no idea what her brother was up to when she got into the ride with him that day but soon after arriving at the old man’s house, she realized that the only way she was leaving is if she fucked the old bastard – then the real bombshell – her brother would be filming her fuck. Now how many teenage moms would be cool with their brother filming them in their first ever porno movie?

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Violet Little’s Brother Agrees To shoot Her

But Violet was a trooper and decided that the only way to pay her brother back was to buckle down and take the old man’s throbbing pecker deep in her shaved teen coochy- it didn’t take long for Violet to forget that her brother was only inches from her shaved little cunt and she started to really enjoy the sensation of the older man’s fat pecker as it slid in and out of her wet little muffin. She was soon fingering her own clit and leaned back and moaned as she climaxed for the third time. Making porno was a lot more fun than she had ever imagined – and to be honest, having her brother there somehow made the experience more titillating and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed seeing his sister’s large natural cans bouncing as she fucked the old fucker as hard as she could.

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Violet Starts To Enjoy The monstrous Cock

You can see the entire movie that Violet’s brother made of her fucking on Bring Me Your Sister – join today and get access to two additional amateur sex porno sites at no extra charge.

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Cute Natural Mexican Girl Teen – Honey Dew

One of my members hit me up for more images of Honey Dew the other day so I dug through my stuff and found a few for you. Honey was one of the first 18 year old teenagers we ever shot for Glass Mannequin and she’s still one of my friends. In fact, with any luck, I’ll get her sister to make an appearance on Glass Mannequin. And yes, her sister is just as sexy as she is. This first picture was taken during her first studio shoot. She was a little nervous but the pictures are all sexy as hell. She even fingered her little shaved snatch on this shoot and we got a few real good closeups of her fingering her fat teen snatch.

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Honey Dew – Hot Latina amateur sex Teen

This next pis is from Honey’s first lesbian video. She was a little more comfortable here so she really let go with some serious lesbian cunt munching and real female orgasms for both teenagers. If you like hot amateur sex lesbians – this video clip is a must-see.

Honey Gets Her Pussy Licked

Honey Dew Gets Her snatch Licked

And yes, Honey did do a number of  hardcore video clips for Glass Mannequin – in this video clip, she’s fucking one of her boyfriends. The poor fucker had a little trouble keeping it hard but he did manage to finish. If you ask, I’ll tell you some of the funny behinds the video clips shit that happened during this video clip. All in all we got some pretty good video clip of this little Latina tart and we’ve posted them on our website for you to enjoy.

Latina Girl Get's Fucked

Latina chick Honey Dew Get’s Screwed

If you hunger for to see more of Honey and her amateur sex teen friends, check out the free samples at Glass Mannequin – join today and get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls at no aditional charge.

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Brunette Coed With Braces Sucks And Fucks Black Cock

Watching teens have their first Interracial sex experience is always a turn-on for me and 18-year-old Sasha is no exception. This skinny dark haired has a cute smile (with braces), a first-rate set of perky little fun bags, a firm coed butt and one of the cutest little coed twats I’ve ever seen. Watching Sasha suck dick is fun enough but when this little coed takes a monstrous black dick deep in her coed pussy, I’m hooked. As usual, I signed into the members area and checked out the full length hardcore interracial video of Sasha and I wasn’t disappointed. It still amazes me that a small girl like Sasha can take so much black dick……

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Two Brunettes Fighting For One Cock

Not every amateur sex teen loves sex as much as Thena and Blaze. Watching these wild teens fucking each other would be fun in itself, but for a really interesting show, put a hard schlong between them and watch them fight over it. Thena starts by licking the old fart’s balls and her girlfriend licks the tip of his now-throbbing schlong. Soon they have his schlong balls-deep as they give him one of the best blowjobs he has ever had. See these cuties on Glass Mannequin today.

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Two amateur sex teenagers Fighting Over Cock

But these mischievous young moms lust after more and are soon crawling on top of the old bastard, filling their little shaved vaginas with his thick schlong. Usually the old neighbor guy is the sick fucker in the room, however the girls are determined to fuck  him to death. They refuse to let him have a breath of air, and decide that a good face-sitting is the best way to do this. After the girls have each climaxed they allow the old man up for a breath of air.

Face-Sitting teenagers Kiss

To see more of Thena Sky and Blaze Burnz visit Real Colorado Girls, Glass Mannequin and  Bring Me Your Sister. These are the only websites on the internet that feature these sexy teen.  Membership to all three websites is covered by ONE low monthly fee and the tour on the sites are free, but to see the good stuff you need a membership you will not regret.

NOTICE: No nasty old bastards were permanently injured or killed during this attack of sex-crazed  cooder.

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Spunk In His Sister’s Teen Cunt

Last week I showed you most of the video clips of me fucking Kaydence Skye as her brother filmed it – this week, I’ll let you see me cumming all over her shaved little cunt then stuffing my pecker back in her tight little cunt and finishing my orgasm – creampie style. If you want to know the entire story on how I got to fuck this tattooed teen cheerleader, you’ll have to read the earlier posts but let me just say, she’s as fun to watch as she is to fuck – you can even ask her brother because he was the one holding the camera only inches from his sister’s little cunt as I fucked her tight little muffin.  Hell – you can download the entire video clip on Bring Me Your Sister and enjoy more than these pissy little teasers.

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In fact – there are a ton of hot “sisters” being filmed by their brothers in their very first smut video clip on my site – Bring Me Your Sister – no where else can you see such kinky family sex – where brothers pimp their sisters out in their very first smut video clip just to get a little retaliation. And yes, I’m pretty sure thses brothers all go pad and jerk off to their sister’s vids. After all, it’s the closest you can legally get to your sister’s muffin – visit Bring Me Your Sister to see more hot sister smut.

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