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My First On-screen Orgasm

My boyfriend loves smut and he’s always trying to get me to try all the stuff he see’s in the movies and I’m more than willing to do anything he wants to make him happy. When I first met him, I had never had an orgasm but within weeks he had me cumming almost every time he fucked me. One of his fantasies was to make an amateur smut video with me – so we called the guys at Glass Mannequin and they filmed me having my first on-screen orgasm. You can see the entire vid by joining Glass Mannequin

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Payback’s A Mother Fucker

Kirstoff wanted vengeance…. seams his little sister has been fucking Kirstoff’s wife and now his wife is leaving the poor bastard for his naughty little sister. That’s why he answered my add in the local paper. Sure he’s pissed off – wouldn’t you be pissed of if your little sister was fucking someone you cared about? Even worse if your little sister was getting them to leave you for her. Well Kirstoff wasn’t going to take it any linger so he showed up at my door with his naughty little sister in tow and he wanted some vengeance. He wanted to see his little sister violated…….

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and the perv wanted to shoot it too. Lucky for me, his little sister had a super grand hard teenager body and a sweet little cunt. Kirstoff hadn’t made many homemade scenes before but he was willing to give it a try. Being real mad at the coed your filming is always a good motivation to get a few extra closeups of her cunt or to make sure you shoot her face as she winces in pain as a monstrous dick is rammed deep in her cunt. It’s even better if it’s your own sister that you’re filming…….. But – that’s the reason we let brothers shoot their sisters fucking on Bring Me Your Sister – the only site on the internet where you can shoot your own sister having sex.

As always, stay posted for more unspoiled homemade smut – or you can always check out my members sites for all the exclusive coochy scenes you desire. Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin – join one and get the other two free.

And don’t forget to check back for more of Kirstoff and his sister.

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Amateur Sex Coed Pussy – Maddy Marks

I love real amateur sex movies and this shoot of Maddy Marks getting her fat pink muffy fucked with a toy is marvelous. After watching this toy clip on a friends amateur sex smut site, I logged onto Glass Mannequin and downloaded the entire clip and was pleasantly surprised to see this cute teenager amateur sex taking a over sized schlong deep in her little pink muffy.  In fact, I jerked off to the clip of Maddy Marks having sex again right before I decided to post this shoot for you. If you yearn for to see the full clip of Maddy getting penetrated – check out the members area of Glass Mannequin.

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Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Aerynn

Now I like over sized butts more than the next guy and Aerynn has one of the finest round asses I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. But that aside, this over sized booty babe knows how to do more than just fuck, she gives perfect fellatio! Whip your schlong out boys cuz this gothic harlot can suck schlong!

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Of course – I fucked the little gothic harlot – or was it in my dreams? Maybe you’ll just have to check the Glass Mannequin site to see if I really fucked Aerynn or if I was just dreaming.

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Amateur Sex Booty – Aerynn Black

Inkslut Aerynn Black has the best round booty I’ve ever seen and in this amateur sex hardcore film, she’s bouncing that booty on an old man’s hard pecker. Aerynn Black only did a handful of amateur sex porno films and that can only be found on Glass Mannequin and Bring Me Your Sister. This goth whore loves good-sized cocks and she likes it a little rough – so come prepared if you plan on pleasing this tattooed amateur sex booty cum dumpster.

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Fuck Cum Dumpster Indica Young

Most teens like sex but only a true fuck-bitch like Indica Young can fuck for hours and still come back for more. Sure she looks harmless enough but if you’re not careful, this innocent-looking blonde teenage mom will do her best to fuck and suck you to death….. and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing ;-) .  You can see more of Indica on Glass Mannequin.

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Fuck bitch Indica Young

This is the sweet little cunt that has me so addicted to Indica – this teenager can milk a boner dry like no other and I keep coming back for more. When I joined Glass Mannequin I learned that I also got access to Real Colorado teens and Bring Me Your Sister and that this mischievous small mom was on all three – in fact, my pass included access to every porno Indica had ever made.  Trust me, once you’ve seen this teenager fuck, you’ll desire to see more.

Fuck Slut Indica Young

Fuck bitch Indica Young

What a terrific cunt – I can only imagine how it would feel to have this small blonde riding my boner reverse-cowgirl so when I downloaded the full movie I locked my door, grabbed some lube and pretended it was my boner she was riding – her terrific little cunt pulsating on my boner as she climaxed over and over again – just like in the movie.

Fuck Slut Indica Young

Fuck bitch Indica Young

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