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Three Amateur Sex Teen Sites – One Low Price

OK – the economy sucks and even you have to watch your budget so I decided to help out a bit by giving you unlimited access to all my sites for the price of just one. What that means is you get to see every picture and film ever taken of all out hot models. It doesn’t matter if you yearn for to see Violet in her first hardcore fuck film, check out Bring Me Your Sister. If you yearn for to see her in her first-ever orgy, check out her and Anistaija as they fuck and suck Anistaija’s well-hung boyfriend. And if you yearn for to see her  stuffing a dildo in her shaved teen cunt, then check out  film on pics on Glass Mannequin – and if you yearn for to see her fucking her first black chick, you need to be on Real Colorado Girls. The good news is – now you get all three for one low price.

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Jayda Garcia, Skanky Colorado Teen Fucks For The Camera

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Latina coed Jayda Garcia is a shit-load of fun to kickit with and even more fun to video. Jayda showed up one night with Anistaija for a bare photo shoot that turned into two coed babes munching each others cunts. Lucky for me, I got to video it – lucky for you, I got to video it – LOL. Anyway, after Jayda’s first smut shoot, she just kept coming back. To date, I have shot over 10,000 bare photograph and filmed this skanky teenager over 20 times. Of course, her contract was exclusive so you can’t see Jayda fuck anywhere else.

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Sabina Sweet Auditions

Sabina Sweet says she always wanted to do porno but she never imagined that her first porno shoot would be filmed by her brother. Even though her brother filmed her in her first smut, we actually met Sabina through one of our best models, the beautiful and very skanky Gracelynn Moans. Gracelynn was visiting friends and Sabina and her brother were there. She told them that should give us a call and the rest is history. But you all came here to see a few audition pictures, brought to you by Bring Me Your Sister, so here you go.

The shoot started well but poor little Sabina was real nervous. It didn’t help that her brother and I were teasing her every chance we got…. but all in good fun. Soon I had Sabina in her bra and briefs – this was the first time that I realized how absolutely marvelous Sabina’s tits are. I was starting to get excited ;-) .

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet teen porno Audition

I also thought you might hunger for to see a few porno audition galleries so here are the links: Sabina Sweet – New Sister Auditions, But My Brother’s Watching, Dude – Your Sister Has A tiny Little Cunt, and I Made Your Sister Suck The semen Off My Cock. Now remember, the only way we can bring the worlds best sister porno to our viewers is if a few of you join Bring Me Your Sister. do it today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two sites, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

But you came here to hear about Sabina’s teen porno audition…  I soon had Sabina’s bra off and her marvelous 36 D’s wet exposed to me, her brother and the world for the first time. She looked over with a bit of apprehension as I fingered her wet little pussy through her briefs and her brother filmed it all.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet teen porno Audition

But this is supposed to be a Bring Me Your Sister hardcore shoot so skipping right past the great blowjob photograph, here’s one of my favorite pictures of Sabina riding my meat. Poor little Sabina must not have been with very many men, or at least not many men with immense meat because she has one of the tightest little cunts I’ve ever stuffed my fat meat into.  Join to download the full video.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet teen porno Audition

I love reverse cowgirl…  It lets one see the best parts of the woman and with a teenager as sexy as Sabina,we all hunger for to see those marvelous natural tits, her sexy belly and her sweet little shaved pussy. It also lets the brother get real close to his sister’s pussy. In the shoot you can see the great angles her brother is getting in her first-ever porno shoot.  Join to download the full video.

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Sabina Sweet teen porno Audition

Join Bring Me Your Sister to download the full shoot – join today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two sites, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

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My Brother Filmed Me Fucking A Guy Called “papa”

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OK OK – I did fuck up my brother’s new film game – and of course he was pissed but the bastard didn’t have to pimp me out to pay for it. My fucking brother is an asshole! He never lets us play with his shit so when he caught me playing with his new play-station, I jumped up to run before he beat my ass and I tripped on the cables and pulled it off the TV and it crashed to the ground. Piece-of-shit broke and my brother was ready to kill me. He had saved for a long time to get the fucking stupid thing and now it was ruined – worst part is I had no money to pay the jerk- off back. I locked myself in my room and prayed he wouldn’t kill me.

A few hours later he showed up at my door and was being kinda nice – said he had found a way I could pay him back and it would be easy work. I still didn’t trust the fucker but he talked me into going with him. What he didn’t tell me was he was going to film me fucking an old man, who would pay him for my coed pussy. We got to to this guys residence and he answered the door, there were all these film cameras in the old farts residence. The old guy sat us down on the couch and asked why my brother was pissed. Now I’m usually a good sister so I wanted to make this right but I wasn’t too keen on fucking this guy – and I was even less keen on fucking him with my brother in the room – and even less keen on fucking him while my brother filmed me – but I didn’t have much of a choice.

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I guess at some point I decided I was going to do it because before I knew it, the old fucker had my pants off and was licking my wet little pussy. It felt really good – and a little weird to have my brother filming it. Pretty soon I forgot that the sick pervert was filming me and started to really get into it – seems this old fart knows how to please a girl. When I pulled his pants down and saw his jumbo boner for the first time, I grinned, this wasn’t going to be that bad after all. The old guy fucked me hard and I came just before he did. My fucking pervert of a brother laughed as the old bastard shot hot cum all oner my soft titties.

I’m pretty sure my brother got a copy of the shoot from the old fart that fucked me cuz he spends less time playing film games now and more time locked in his room – sick fucker………….. You can see the entire video (and a bunch of other skanky sister’s vids too) on the old farts web site at – it’s kinda hot seeing myself get fucked!

Kisses, Violet

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Violet Little Made The Top Ten

Richard Nailder just put out his top ten list of Top Ten Things I Like Hearing From A Woman During Sex and Violet Little made the top ten with her statement “Oh my God, spit, spit, spit….” She never did like jizz in her face – LOL.

“Violet Little is a skanky young mom that keeps coming back for more penis every time she breaks up with her boyfriend for a few days – but like many real amateur sex coeds, she’s not all that accustomed to having her eyes glued shut and her mouth filled with jizz. Kudos for Violet for being a champ – her Oh my God followed by she sputtering and spitting will always be music to my ears.”

Download the free clip

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Real Colorado Teens

I just launched a new site for all of you that are tired of fake bimbos – it features real girls from the “neighborhood of make believe” – or some shit like that. In reality, it features girls that I’ve met in and near my local neighborhood – girls that like me enough to get nekkid and let me shoot them – most of them even let Mister Richard put his hard boner in them. I like skanky girls!

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Real Colorado Girls

So if you really like teen pussy, and you like it to be fresh and clean, be sure to check out the girls from Mister Richard’s Neighborhood on

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