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Anistaija Stuffs A Red Dildo In Her Shaved Teen Cunt

Anistaija was still very new to smut when she shot this solo masturbation clip but she was having so much fun with the vibrating red vibrator that she totally forgot that the camera was there. Bending her legs behind her fellatio, this skinny teenager with the unmarred boobs and pierced nipples stuffed the red vibrator deep inside her wet little cunt. The vibrating tip stimulated her clit as the vibrator filled her wet cunt to it’s limits.

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Anistaija Masturbates With A red Dildo

Anistaija can be seen on all three of our sites, Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. Her pics are all 100 percent exclusive  and she loves to fuck herself for the camera.

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Acasha Binito First Time On Camera

Acasha Binito is showed up at my door today hoping to get a little dough to pay her brother the dough she owed him and left with a beet-red ass, a sore cunt and mouth full of semen. Her brother left with 68minutes of clip of his sister fucking that he had filmed himself. This Colorado transplant from Washing State openly states that she’s always wanted to do smut as being able to have her brother there filming her porn audition was a bit calming and a little weird at the same time.

Acasha Binita And Her Brother Arrive At My Door acashabinito petite blonde xxxp sisp oldny plts 1tm tattooed bfc panties amateur teen booty

Acasha Binita And Her Brother Arrive At My Door

Acasha was down for getting fucked on camera but it took a while before she accepted the idea of her brother filming my fat dick as I pulled her underpants aside, spread her first-rate ass-cheeks and hammered her tiny pink cunt with my fat dick.

Imagine Being The First To Grab This Perfect Ass On Camera

Imagine Being The First To Grab This first-rate ass On Camera

In addition to being tiny, Acasha is also flexible. After letting the cute blonde ride my dick for a bit, I threw the tiny blonde on her back, pulled her underpants behind her head and fucked the small teenager even harder – watch her right hand attempt to keep me from giving her the full length of my throbbing dick – damn I small teenagers.

Tiny Flexible Girls Turn Me On

Tiny Flexible girls Turn Me On

This is one of my favorite images of the cute little blonde as she rides my dick. From this laid-back cowgirl position, I could not only see my dick working it’s wonder in her little cunt, I also had a first-rate frontal view of Acasha’s itty-bitty-titties – num num num num…..

Acasha Binito - Tiny Girl with Perfect Little Titties

Acasha Binito – tiny babe with first-rate Little Titties

See Acasha’s audition exclusively on Bring Me Your Sister

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Brutha Shoots Sista In Her First Hardcore Movie

Well fuck me – when Theo showed up at the door with his little sister, I had to check her ID – and yes, she turned 18 last week so I had no problem letting him explain to me what the little cunt had done to deserve being filmed in her first porno clip by her very own brother. It appears that the little cunt had decided to throw a little party at his place and once wasted, she thought it would be fun to get his exotic fish as drunk as her and her friends were. When her brother came dwelling, she was passed out on the floor and the fish were floating at the top of the tank – seems neither of them should have been drinking. To make a long story small, his skanky little sister had no way to pay him for the damage to his fish tank let alone the dead fish so he wanted to see the little cunt grudge fucked – and properly so.

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Theo shoots His Little Sista As An Older White Guy Gets Her Wet

Only problem was, as far as he knew, his little sister had never been with a guy.  Sure, she did well at the “foreplay” but when the old white guy tried to stick his monstrous boner in her small little cunt, it became obvious that she wasn’t sexually active with men at least. She said she liked coeds but damn, I’ve never see such a small little cunt.

Crystal's Brother Films As An Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sister

Crystal’s Brutha shoots as an Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sista

In the end, she took most of his boner – she was so tight that the old guy shot his load all over her shave little cunt as her brother filmed it all. I think it turned him on to see his sister getting railed by such a over sized boner. You can see al of the clip he made at Bring Me Your Sister – sign up today and get full access to Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin as a bonus.

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18-year-old Sandy Auditions

Say hello to Kate Kelleman. Kate did her first porno movie for us on Bring Me Your Sister then came back and did one more movie for Real Colorado Girls but today, we’re going to tell you all about this hard-bodied teenagers first porno movie – one her brother helped shoot and one of the best hardcore amateur sex vids we’ve ever made. Kate just graduated from high school where she was on the volleyball team and coeds track team. Kate has a terrific set of itty bitty firm cans, a terrific round butt and a swollen pink cunt – the kind of teenager we all dream of fucking.

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Kate Kelleman – First Hardcore Scene

Kate also liked it a bit rough – so a proper ass whippin and a bit of choking were in order – in this picture, Richard Nailder slams his dick balls-deep in in Kate’s little little cunt as he chokes the little skank for doing her brother wrong.You can download the full movie on Bring Me Your Sister or view a few free images here.

Kate Kelleman Takes It Balls Deep In Her Porn Audition katekellemen xxxp sisp oldny eighteen 1tm audition plts hard-bodied amateur teen choking shaved cum cumshot facial lnpls blonde


Kate Kelleman Takes It Balls Deep In Her porno Audition

We never asked Kate about the jizzshot so after 30 minutes of rough sex, the old man auditioning her pulled out ah covered her cans and face in her first-ever facial. What a way to end her porno audition – worn out and covered in semen – I think I love this chick.

Kate Gets Her First Facial


Kate Gets Her First Facial

All you need to download all the vids this young teenager ever made is a membership at Bring Me Your Sister – we’ll throw in free access to Real Colorado Girls so you can see all her vids.

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$500 For My Sister

Yes it’s true, I sold my stupid little sister to the old man for $500 in coin – and then I filmed the old fucker doing all kinds of skanky stuff to the little cunt and posted the shoot on Bring Me Your Sister.  Hell, I don’t even remember what the little cunt did to piss me off but there is no way I’m passing on the chance to video my sister fucking, especially if I’m getting paid to do it. In this shoot, my 18-year-old sister lets me get real close with the camera so we have a lot of superior closeups of my sister’s pointy tits and tiny little cunt as the old man grudge-fucks my sister then cums deep inside her shaved little cunt – creampie for my sister…..     You can see a few free scenes of my sister fucking or download all of my sister’s videos – either way, enjoy.

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$500 For My Sister – Delilah Daze

Brought to you by the sister-loving perverts at Bring Me Your Sister – join today and get full access to Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

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Blaze Burnz And Thena Sky In Their First Three-some

Thena Sky didn’t tell her friend Blaze Burnz that she had planned a little three-some with the old guy that lives up the street so Blaze was a little shocked when the old bastard grabbed her and started taking her clothes off. Of course, the nasty young mom was more than down for a little sex-play and having very little experience with other women, Blaze was also excited to experience sex with her girlfriend too.

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Blaze Burnz and Thena Sky

It didn’t take long for the two teenagers to relax and they were soon sucking the old man’s erection as they played with each other’s excellent teen fun bags and rubbed each other’s shaved little pussies. Blaze had more experience sucking erection so she proceeded to show her girlfriend how to fit such a fat erection into her little warm mouth. Thena was soon slobbering all over the old man’s erection like she’d been doing it her entire life.

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Blaze Blows Richard

The older man was really enjoying the attention the two teenagers sucking his erection as he rolled the tall skinny Thena onto her back and positioned the dwarf brown haired Blaze doggie style so that Blaze was able to lick her girlfriends wet teen pussy and he slid this colossal erection gently into her shaved little cunt.He then proceeded to slam his fat erection repeatedly into the teenage mom’s shaved cunt until she arched her back, moaned in pleasure and had her first real orgasm of the evening.  Feeling the contractions of her pussy on his thick erection, the older man altered his rhythm to match hers and felt her teen pussy give off one final contraction as she completed her orgasm.

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Fucking The Neighbor Girls

The old fucker then lie on his back and let the amateur teens take turns riding his erection and his face. Each of the teenagers took a turn face-sitting the old bastard then riding his erection like a rodeo bull. Arching his back, the older man shoved his thick erection as deep as possible into the hot young mom’s shaved and pierced little pussy. Arching back, the tattooed and pierced dwarf little skanky whore kissed her girlfriend on the lips and took all of his throbbing erection in her cunt. Her girlfriend moaned from the cunt-devouring she was getting from the old man and they both climaxed together.

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Teen Mom Orgy

To see all of this hot teen mom fucking movies visit Glass Mannequin today

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Say Hi To Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet is my newest addition at Bring Me Your Sister and this huge-breasted Romanian-born, Colorado-raised brown haired is one sexy small teenager. At only 19 years old, Sabina had no idea what her brother was planing for her when he showed up at my door with his little sister in tow. He wanted revenge for his sister burning him and he wanted it now – so he pimped the little slut out in her first smut clip – and I’m the lucky bastard that got to pop this teen’s “smut” cherry.

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother Arrive At My Door

Sabina was real shy and just a little pissed at her brother but she decided that fucking me was a flawless way to earn the bucks she owed her brother back and get her brother off her ass. But having her brother filming her wasn’t part of the deal – or was it? I mean the whole point of Bring Me Your Sister is to let brother’s film their sisters fucking and if Sabina wanted to leave here with a happy brother, she was going to have to fuck and suck to earn it. Even if her brother was right there with a camera filming his sister’s first smut clip.

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

And I loved it. Besides being a sexy brown haired, one of the first things you notice about Sabina is her huge brown eyes. Oh come on perverts, quit looking at her absolutely unsurpassed, 100% natural  d-cups for a minute and imagine her looking over at you with those huge brown “fuck-me” eyes as you caressed her unsurpassed cans for the first time ——- now you know why I love my job so much. :-)     Sabina Sweet – First smut clip – exclusively at Bring Me Your Sister.

Sabina Sweet And Her Big Brown Eyes ;-)

Sabina Sweet And Her huge Brown Eyes ;-)

But it’s not all about titties – I wanted to see if the rumors I’ve heard about Romanian teens was true – I hear they all can suck softballs through a garden hose and have pussies so hot and tight the can bend iron rods – and my rod was hard as iron and I needed it sucked. Her brother gets in close and videos his sister as she puts my meat in her mouth working her tiny hands along my throbbing shaft as she sucked, gently at first, then harder and she picked up the pace. To be honest, I don’t think his sister had ever seen such a fat meat and she does give pretty good head for a beginner.  Watch Sabina suck meat for the first time on clip at Bring Me Your Sister.

Sabina Sweet Sucking Cock In Her First Porn Video

Sabina Sweet Sucking meat In Her First smut Video

Having such a beautiful olive-skinned athletic teenager sucking my meat was prime but I wanted to sample the prohibited sweets, I wanted to feel the warmth of his sister’s teenager vagina sliding slowly down fully engulfing my meat in it’s warmth. I wanted to fuck the cunt, I wanted to feel my balls slapping against her firm ass as she winced from the full length of my meat slamming deep in her tiny little cunt. I wanted to hear her moan with pleasure and chirp with excitement as she arched her back and rode my meat – her brother just a few feet away catching it all on film. – only at Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking His Sister As He Films

Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

Yes – I enjoyed fucking the beautiful, fun and fun-loving Sabina Sweet.   Download the full clip at Bring Me Your Sister.

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Skanky Lesbians Fucking

When Faith told me she wanted to fuck her girlfriend with a substantial double-ended toy and asked if I would film it, I jumped at the chance to catch this hot Mexican Girl fucking the petite little Anistaija. I mean, filming babe-babe porno is always fun but it’s even more fun when the teens are really into each other and these two sweethearts wanted to fuck. And it’s the most fun when the teens are stuffing substantial objects in their tight shaved coed cunts.

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Will It Fit?

Looking at the toy, I couldn’t imagine how in the world these two petite lesbians were going to get it in their itty bitty little cunts but I sure as hell wanted to see them try.  Jesus- the damn thing was fucking substantial and the teens were both so petite. It was Faith that was taking the lead but Anistaija was just skanky enough to play along. In fact, she was pretty excited about seeing how the substantial rubber cock would fill her up.

Will It Fit?

A good Lubricant Is Critical?

Want to see these two sweethearts make the toy dissapear? Check out the pictures at Glass Mannequin and see.

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