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Girl Fun

I love watching lesbian coeds having sex and two of the hottest lesbian cuntmunchers I’ve ever seen are Josie Joe and Thena Sky. Thena is a skinny redhead with superlative skin, itty bitty perky rack and a super-cute smile and Josie is a tattooed and pierced skanky skank that loves to fuck innocent teens like Thena. Not that the skanky redhead minds getting her cunt munched by her whorish girlfriend – she does, as is obvious from these few pictures I pulled from a free gallery that the guys at Glass Mannequin posted of these two hotties.

Thena Sky and Josie Joe having a little "Girl Fun"

Thena Sky and Josie Joe having a little "chick Fun"

I know you’re just dieing to see these teens nekkid but when I saw this picture of Josie bent over her girlfriend, with her superlative round ass in the air, her pink cotton undies framing her superlative ass and her face buried in her girlfriend’s wet cunt, I had to post it. These teens really do love having chick fun together – the full film and all the pictures can be found only on Glass Mannequin.

Josie Joe and Thena Sky having a little "Girl Fun"

Josie Joe and Thena Sky having a little "chick Fun"

Ok – I know, you want to see the good stuff ;-) so here’s a picture of Thena’s sweet teenager cunt being violated by her girlfriend. I stole this picture form the free gallery but you can download all the pictures of these two cute amateur sex coeds on Glass Mannequin anytime.

Josie plays with Thena's sweet teen pussy

Josie plays with Thena’s sweet teenager pussy

If you like these teens, and skanky teens like the, then join Glass Mannequin and start downloading some of the best lesbian porno on the internet – 100% exclusive – 100% amateur sex. Join today and get full access to tow exclusive bonus sites also featuring content form these two lesbian coeds.

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Fucking The Tattooed Neighbor Babe

I’ll be honest, I prefer a coed with no tattoos but tattoos don’t bother me so much that it keeps me from stuffing my fat boner into a neighbor coed just because she has a few unsightly tattoos on her otherwise superb teenage body. In fact, this cute Colorado teenager, Aspen Steen has one of the cutest puffy cunts I’ve seen in a long time and believe me, it feels as good as it looks. In this shoot, Aspen climbs on top of me and rides my fat old boner like a pro rodeo bull rider – managing to stay on for the entire 8-second ride.

Tattooed Neighbor Girl

Tattooed Neighbor Girl

Throwing the little skank on her side, I choke the tattooed little skanky slut and ram my boner as deep as I can, making the little cunt moan in pain. Thrusting my boner a few final times, I pull my throbbing boner out of her wet little puffy cunt and set a hot load of sticky semen all over her sexy tattooed coed body.

Tattooed Girl

Fucking A Tattooed Girl

To see more of this teenage model, visit Real Colorado Girls – do it today and get full access to two bonus sites for no extra charge.

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Fill My Sister With Jizz

My little sister Thena Sky is a fucking pain in the ass. She’s always breaking my stuff and she never pays me back. I’ve been looking for a way to get even with her for a long fucking time and when I saw this guy’s add in the local paper, I knew that I was going to make my sister into a porno star. Of course, I was pretty sure that my sister wouldn’t do this willingly but what choice did she have? She had just put a bug fucking dent in my Harley and if she didn’t pay me back, I was going to tell mom that she was fucking her boyfriend in the garage when she knocked my bike over. Plus I would kick her fucking ass.

ThenaSky amateur teen skinny brunette hcm shaved panties sisp gnd xxxp

Filming My Little Sister Getting Her Tight coed pussy Licked

So to make a long story short, my sister let me film her fucking this old fart and I made a few coin to fix the dent in my bike. Of course, my sister wined like a stuck fucking pig when the guy forced his king-sized pecker deep in her small little cunt. This surprised me as she was normally such a slut. But I digress… The old guy fucked her pretty hard – she was whimpering that she couldn’t take it anymore when he sot a monster load of hot sticky semen all over my sister’s titties. I was hoping he would semen inside her little cunt but the man fuckin pulled out and cam all over my sister’s little titties.

So – the slut need to be punished a little more – so make sure when you fuck her, you fill my sister with cum……

You can see the movie I made at

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Redhead Teen In Her First Smut Video

The cute and somewhat shy 18-year-old redhead, Maddy Marks claims she had no idea her brother wanted to make a smut of her but if you ask me, the underlying sexual tension  between these two siblings was apparent from the moment that stepped in front of the Bring Me Your Sister cameras. This guy’s sister wanted him to see his sister fucking and the fact that he would be filming it so they could watch it later apparently turned this skanky redhead coed on even more.

Maddy Marks And Her Brother Argue Before Her Audition maddymarks 1tm oldny sisp xxxp pufm redhead nnts bfc blsdp morgasm cumshot grudge bfc homemade gnd

OK – that was before she got disrobed for the first time – but now she’s practically disrobed in front of her brother ans she’s still giving him this coy look – you know, that “am I turning you on” tease in her eyes – the kind of look a sister gives her brother when she know she’s being a tease look – the “fuck me” kind of look between siblings that you can only find on Bring Me Your Sister.

18-Year-Old Maddy Marks Gets Naked For Her Brother's Camera

Maddy swears that she had never seen such a jumbo schlong and had even teased her brother about having a tiny schlong earlier but as this cute redhead lowered herself onto the jumbo schlong, her brother panned his camera up to capture the look on his sister’s face as she was slowly filled to the bursting point with the the enormous schlong. He smiled at his sister and she attempted a feeble smile back – she was being hammered by a jumbo schlong and all her brother could do was smile at her…….   these are a couple of fucked up[ siblings.

Maddy Smiles At Her Brother As He Films Her Fucking

Maddy continued to let the old bastard hammer her fat teenager cunt, wincing in pain then looking up at her brother standing over her with his camera – Maddy was letting her brother shoot her in her teenager smut audition – only on Bring Me Your Sister. But Maddy forgot to tell her brother that she hated spunk, regardless of who’s spunk it was, as is apparent in this picture from her audition of the athletic young redhead flinching as the old bastard sets his spunk in the general direction of her face.

His Sister Flinches As Cum Flies At Her Face

One more redhead teenager had just completed her teenager smut audition – first hardcore film, first old young film, first jumbo schlong film and first sister smut film ever – only on Bring Me Your SisterJoin Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to every smut film this cute coed with the nice natural breasts and the awesome fat muffy ever did.

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Anistaija And Josie Joe Lesbian Friends

Anistaija and Josie Joe have been lesbian friends for some time so when they decided to do this video clip, they didn’t have to pretend they were real lesbians – it’s obvious the babes are having fun and the sex was real. Of course, if you’re not into amateur sex teenager lesbians then you may as well move on and not click on the cunt munchers pics to view real babes having real sex. But if you are like me and love watching cute teenager babes with cute smiles, prime natural boobs and itty bitty shaved pussies then you will love the babes on Real Colorado Girls – both the lesbians and the rest.

lesbian teen amateur pierced nnts lcm anistaija josiejoe gnd

Anistaija Licks Josie’s Cunt

But I wander… I should be telling you about Josie and Anistaija. In this set, the babes are all horny and decide that a little pussy eating was in order so I grabbed a camera and started filming the lesbian cunts as they proceeded to munch each other’s tight teenager cunts. First Anistaija did the oral deed to her coed friend Josie – reaching up and playing with her pierced nipples as she licked her puffy clit. Then the dark haired decided to return the favor to her teenage friend – munching her pussy until the eighteen year old Anistaija shivered in climax in a wave of real multiple orgasms.

lcm anistaija josiejoe plts brunette teen amateur gnd homemade

Josie Fucks Her Girlfriend Anistaija

Of course, you won’t know unless you check out the full video clip on Real Colorado Girls today.

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Our First Amateur Sex Coed Squirter

OK, I’ll admin it – Glass Mannequin is known for it’s superior amateur sex teenagers, not it’s squirting teenagers. But when we got the chance to set the small woman Kyanna Raves and the little coed skank said she was a natural squirter we jumped at the chance to add a vid of her squirting. We had first met Kyanna when her creepy brother whored her out for blowing up his microwave. Her skanky sister porno  vid was her first but like many teens, once the little teenage sluts figure out that they can keep the money instead of giving it to their creepy fucking brothers they come back and do a few amateur sex smut sets for our other amateur sex sites. When Kyanna came back, we welcomed the little coed skank and her real over-sized titties with open arms. Her squirting vid started with a handjob and the obligatory wet sloppy hummer.

kyannaraves teen bnts petite gnd xxxp brunette


Kyanna Raves Giving A Hand Job

Of course, this crazy coed skank was here to show us how she squirts so after a good fucking, the little skank got on all four and decided to soak the perverted old gramps running the camera.

Kyanna Raves Squirting


Kyanna Raves Squirting

Now I really love dwarf women but I’m not sure I lust after to be holding the camera when this crazy coed skank starts squirting – I mean damn, let me set the fucking thing down and stuff my engorged cock deep in her sloppy teenage cunt and finish by pumping a over-sized load of hot sticky cream all over her – hell, I’m not the one that supposed to get soaked. Of course, if you like this kind of thing, then Kyanna is the scank-a-licious coed slut for you. See more of her squirting – only on Glass Mannequin

Squirting On The Camera Guy


Squirting On The Camera Guy

so goodbye for now – and be sure to check out this skanky tramp squirting on Glass Mannequin today.

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