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Sexy Teen Loves The Pecker

Angel Cakes of Real Colorado Girls is a dirty little skanky slut that loves to have her tight pink pussy put on display for the world to see..This cunt rubs on her cunt with her freshly manicured nails making that sweet shaved cunt wet…to see more of Angel cakes download full scene.

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Angel-Cakes Teases The Camera

Being from Colorado this bitch loves the outdoor shoot, So this old man having a tipi in the yard just made this skanky whore yearn for to fuck the perv more. Taking charge the brunette skanky slut lays the old perv on his back and shoves his fat cock into her warm tight mouth. Stroking the fat cock while playing with the fellatio of the old mans fat cock shows that this cunt is no stranger to sucking dick and making a show of it. To see more of this slutty bitch stream free trailer or download full scene.

Sexy Bitch sucks a fat dick

Angel-Cakes Sucking A fat Dick

With the dumb bitches cunt  dripping wet and the old pervs cock hard as a rock, the old man flips angel cakes on her back like the little skanky slut she is and shoves his fat hard cock into the little sluts tight wet cunt making the cunt moan with pure pleasure..

Angel Cakes Gets Penetrated

Angel Cakes Gets Penetrated

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Lady Lez Cheer Thena Sky Up….

Lady Lez is always there when her friends need her the most. Dressed up in her slutty nurse outfit she has a way to cheer Thena Sky up. Theirs nothing this sexy skanky slut wouldn’t do for her girlfriends.To see this skanky nurse give the sexy brunette a night she will never forget Join Glass Mannequin

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Sexy Nurse Sneaks In

Thena loves fucking herself with a over-sized dildo.This skank isn’t one to be selfish;grabbing another vibrating sex-toy she fucks the blonde’s tight shaved pussy, making this a hot set and a hotter clip to watch. To see more of these skanky Colorado tramps Join Glass Mannequin

Sexy Making out and Dildo Play

Sexy Making out and vibrator Play

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Latina Coed Caught Stealing Squash

I work pretty hard to keep my garden nice and I’m more than willing to help a coed in need – but when I found my Mexican housekeeper, Eva Escobar, in my garden helping herself to my summer squash, I had to….. well, hide and take some pictures that I could use later when I would fire her!

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Now don’t get me wrong, at first I was a little pissed – until I saw what she had in mind with the fuckin veggies. Just as I was about to bust her, the little cunt started taking off her clothes and before long, she had a big yellow summer squash stuffed right up her wet Latina cunt.

Voyeur Pictures

Now I’m not your typical voyeur but watching this coed fuck herself with a summer squash was hotter that I would have ever imagined. I hid behind one of the shrubs in the garden and started to masturbate as she slid the yellow sex vibrator in and out of her wet cunt. My penis was rock-hard by this time and I continued to match her rhythm as she slid the giant yellow veggie in and out of her wet Latina cunt. I was just about to semen, when she slid the summer squash out of her dripping wet cunt and licked it clean. I fucking blew my load!

Mexican girl cums

With hot semen all over my hand, blue jeans, and even on my shoes, I continued to take pics of her her playing with her swollen clit. I knew now, why being a voyeur is all about – the thrill of watching someone that has no idea you are there, the risk of getting caught, the knowledge that you’ve violated someone’s space…….. Later, I had to let her go but I sold the pics to a friend and he put them on his website at

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Real Homemade Sex Films

I like to make movies of teenage girls fucking – and I like to make them even more if I’m the old bastard fucking their tight teenage cunts. But that’s no way for Mister Richard to be talking – is it? Mister Richard has been a bad, bad, boy – maybe some sexy teen slut should spank his flabby old ass. Back to the subject of Mister Richard’s (my) homemade sex movies.

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real homemade sex movies

After I had made a few hundred homemade sex movies, I thought I’d put a few of them on the web and share them with the friends of Mister Richard’s Neighborhood. You can see a ton of free homemade clip video clips on my site – of course, I can only afford to keep putting them there if you sign up for one of my hardcore sites.

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Cuntmunching Girlfriends

These two very sexy cuntmunching girlfriends entertain each other in the green dwelling one summer day after a long morning. Abigail Blower fucking loves the taste of Alison Raptures’ tight cunt as the sexy cunt drills her fingers in and out. Alisons’ moans get louder as she bites her lip and grinds with the motion of her fingers.

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Now, it’s Abigails’ turn to be pleased. Alison nibbles on her pretty pink pierced nipples and starts to rub her clitoris while Abigail is on her knees.

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Alison final gets a taste of Abigails’ dripping wet cunt. She rolls her green tongue ring all over this skank clitoris. Sucking the lips she begins to finger Abigail for round 2! View Free Trailer.

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These two sexy flirty teenage girls talk to the camera after they please each other. Shockingly, that was Abigails’ first on-screen girl on girl shoot, I think we can all agree.. she LOVED it!  See full homemade sex shoots at Real Colorado Girls.

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Amateur Sex Latina Pornstar Eva Escobar

EvaEsacobar Latina Amateur brunette skinny plts hym outdoor gndDo you like sexy Latina women? I sure as hell do and Eva Escobar is as unsurpassed a looking woman as I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Eva was working as an accountant when we met but it didn’t take me long to talk this sexy Latina amateur sex out of her pants and in front of the camera. Eva did an even dozen amateur sex photo sets with us and 4 video clips. Her first lesbian movie was terrific. Eva and Lady knew each other but the teens had never been together. Their first amateur sex lesbian set was scheduled for Sunday – both teens arrived early and were kissing and goofing off as I was setting up the lights. By the time I was ready, they were both so horny that the got right down to munching pussy and stuffing fingers up each other’s pussies.

This picture was taken the next day when Eva came over to the pad. Originally from Pueblo, CO Eva now lives near Denver and commutes to Colorado Springs to have me take images for our porno site. Eva had stayed in town after her lesbian set with Lady and so I jumped at the opportunity to get more disrobed images of this sexy Latina.

It was pretty warm out so I set up a water mister in the greenhouse and Eva started getting all wet. Wearing only a white t-shirt and a pink t-bar, she started playing with herself in the water. She was soon bare and fingering her tight little cunt for the camera.

Eva was under an exclusive contract with and her images cannot be found anywhere except at – visit today to see Latina amateurs disrobed for the camera.

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More Of Anistaija And Faith And The Over-sized Vibrator

I told you I had a few more homemade sex video clips of these lesbian sluts – but no, you wanted to see them all at once…. LOL – and Yes, the babes did manage to get that over-sized fucking double-ended toy in their tiny coed cunts (or should I be politically correct and call them cunts?). Fuck that, a chick that can take that much rubber cock has a cunt!

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And these two teenage beauties have two of the finest cunts I’ve ever had the pleasure of making a real homemade sex shoot of. Anistaija is a cute as a button and Faith is one sexy Mexican Girl chick with a pair of the nicest firm titties I’ve ever touched. That’s not to sat that Anistaija doesn’t have nice titties – she does – and I can personally vouch that this over-sized rubber cock didn’t loosen Anistaijs’ pussy one bit – when I fucked her last, her pussy was as tight as they get.

So be a good boy and check out the entire film of these sluts fucking each other at

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Skanky Teenager Takes A Shower

There’s nothing more exciting as watching a nasty coed taking a shower – unless it’s watching her shave her cunt while she showers. Lucky for us, I caught Faith taking a shower at my place and took plenty of nasty photograph of the sexy coed Latina. Faith needed a place to stay after her boyfriend threw her out so I let her stay a few week at my place. She would always get pissed when I followed her around with the camera but she wasn’t paying rent so I told her to go fuck herself  – it only toolk a few days for her to get used to the camera and I soon had a real nice collection of nasty pics of this hot eighteen year old Latina slut.

FaithVega, Latina Teen In The Shower amateur pbts shaved skinny pussy tattooed gnd

Faith, Latina coed In The Shower

One of my favorite places to catch her was in the shower – she would be all soaped up and I would pick the lock on the door and charge in with my camera. She would get pissed at first but I’m pretty sure that it secretly turned her on to have me taking photograph. I never told her that I would be posting her nasty photograph on the web – but WTF – she never paid rent and I only got to fuck her when she was drunk.

Nasty Latina Teen Shaves Her Pussy

Nasty Latina coed, Faith, Shaves Her Pussy

If you like these photograph, you’ll love all the nasty photograph I have of her on Glass Mannequin – check it out today and get full access to two more nasty amateur sex sites – one that features sisters fucking!

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