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Sister Fucked Her Brother’s Tattoo Artist

Kaydence Sky’s brother was pissed when he showed up at my door with her in tow. Seems his little sister had fucked him by fucking his tattoo artist. Kaydence’s brother had been getting some pretty intense ink on his arm when she decided she wanted a little tattoo on her chest. But instead of paying for her tattoo, this teenage inkslut decided to fuck her brother’s tattoo artist to get her ink done. This was first-class till his little sister cut him off. When Ralph’s little sister tattoo artist, he refused to finish her brother’s tattoo – now her brother needed to hire another artist and it was gonna cost him $600.00.  Funny part is – his sister had no idea of what he had in mind for her :-)

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Ralph shows up at my door with his sister – she has no idea why she’s here.

Like most little sisters that owe their brothers for something, I doubt Kaydence would have ever paid but Ralph had seen my add in the local paper and he was determined to “Bring Me His Sister”. Of course the little cunt was pissed at her brother for even thinking that she would do a porno movie – but like most guys sisters, the thought of fucking on video was turning her on and she kinda wanted to see what it was like.What we didn’t tell her was that her brother would be filming her first hardcore porno movie for Bring Me Your Sister.

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

Ralph gets ready to video his sister in her first hardcore video

At first it was a little awkward for the just-out-of-high-school coed to have some old man slamming his boner in her tight shaved pussy as her brother filmed it. In fact, when her brother pointed the camera at her and said “say hi to mom and dad”, I thought she would get up off my boner and kick her brother’s butt. You can see that famous clip as a member at Bring Me Your Sister – in addition, you get to see dozens more hot sisters getting filmed by their brothers in their first porno clips.

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

You can see the entire movie – inluding his sister’s first-class round butt by visiting Bring Me Your Sister today.

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How To Spoil An Old Man

That’s right – is now a “how-to” website with complete instructions on how to please an old man – complete with homemade video clips of what it takes to keep an old man happy.

The first thing you need to spoil an old man are two sexy teenage coeds – one should have long sandy hair, light porcelain skin and a dick-sucking smile that get you hard just thinking about having her lips wrapped around your dick. The other babe should be a caramel-colored Mexican Girl babe with unmarred boobs, a undamaged Mexican Girl booty and a sweet coed cunt – the kind of amateur sex coed cunt that every man dreams of burying his dick in. And what better examples of teenage excellence than the luscious and delectable Gracelynn Moans and her real-life Girlfriend Maria MarezReal Colorado Girls at their best.  No be a bit patient with the coeds – Maria is a true beginner at this “instructional sex vid” thing so let Gracelynn take the lead and her cute Mexican Girl girlfriend, Maria can follow her lead. Oh – and you need an old man and there are few old men better at getting “spoiled” that the 50+ year old Richard Nailder

Now that we have the “players” let’s get to the how-to part of this homemade sex movie. In this first clip, the coeds show up at Richard’s place with a new massage table that they lust after to “try out” – be sure you are showered and clean because these coeds have skanky on their minds and you are about to be “spoiled”.

Step 1. Be helpful, no babe wants to spoil an ungrateful old man so be sure to help the babe along.

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Step 2. Let the coeds declare who the “victim” is going to be. Real Colorado Girls love to have sex and as long as the rules are clear – you should have no problem getting them relaxed enough to spoil you in more ways than you can imagine.

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Step 3. Don’t rush the sluts…..   Oh – and never let them know that you think that are sluts – let the coeds get comfortable in your space, don’t get to grabby or demanding, just let them them take the lead. Download the full video here.

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Step 4. Once the coeds are comfortable, let them do nasty things to each other – watching is a lot of fun and it gives you an idea of what’s to come. If the babe’s are kissing and fondling each other, grab a camera and film the coeds getting skanky – however it is recommended you hit the “record” button if you are going to film – well at least the surveillance cameras were working. See the free trailer here. Did I mention that coeds kissing is a real turn-on for me – looks like the old bastard enjoys it too!

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Step 5. Let the coeds take the lead – besides, who doesn’t love a handjob from two sexy teens? Real Colorado Girls is packed with homemade movies just like this one.

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Step 6. If you haven’t figured out the camera by now – get rid of it ;) . Actually having a good night-shot camera for the closeups in a dimly lit room is always nice. Make sure you get a few closeups of the coeds sucking your dick so you can prove to your friends that you were indeed spoiled by two sexy teenage coeds. See how it’s done on Real Colorado Girls

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Step 7. Let the have some fun too – coeds like getting their cunts munched as much as boys enjoy getting blowjobs – ideally you can do it at the same time and if you’re good – capture it all on your homemade vid to share with your friends. It helps to have more than one camera – or if you like, leave the camera work to the guys at Real Colorado Girls so you have both hands free for wanking

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Step 8. Unless you have a real little dick, enter the coeds slowly – tight little coed cunts need to get used to mammoth penises BEFORE you pound them like the little sluts they are. Take your time and the coeds are more willing to return the favor.  See all the hardcore cunt pounding here.

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Step 9. Equal time – be sure to give both coeds equal attention. In this clip, Richard is now returning the favor and fucking Gracelynn doggie-style as the sexy sandy eats her Mexican Girl girlfriend’s sweet coed cunt. Download the full video here.

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Step 10. To be fully spoiled, you need to feel the coeds pulsating cunts on your dick as their girlfriends munch her swollen clit. Fucking a babe that’s getting her cunt munched is the ultimate three-way spoiling machine. Real Colorado Girls is packed with hot homemade three-way orgy videos – members get to view them all!

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Step 11. Rinse and repeat – as I said earlier – give the coeds equal time – besides, it’s always nice to compare how two different cunts feel on your dick – especially if they are pulsating from a good cunt munching at the same time you’re fucking them.  See how it’s done here.

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Step 12: semen on her titties! Nuf said!  See Gracelynn Moans and her girlfriend Maria Marez spoil the old man – only on Real Colorado Girls.

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Real homemade sex video clips of local teenage coeds – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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I Fuck My Neighbor’s Daughters

Well sure I like being the neighborhood pervert – it means I get to fuck the neighbor’s daughters. Of course. And since I’ve lived here forever, I know which girls are at least 18. In fact, I have all their birthdays in my scheduler. Well, since I’m absolutely sure that Violet Little is 18, I took her out to the titty bar one night. The hot young mom got all horny looking at the sexy strippers so I brought her pad and fucked her HARD!

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Gwad I love skanky teens! And skanky teens that like to fuck old men are by far my favorite. And if they know how to suck cock as well as Violet it’s a immense plus! But don’t despair – I filmed then entire fuck session and put it on the web so you can see the whole shoot on

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Teenager On Teenager Vids

I think I’m turning into a fucking lesbian! I’ve always known I liked babes (hell, what kind of heterosexual man doesn’t?) but all I want to do lately is sit around and look at lesbian smut. Hot teenager cunts getting eaten out by teenage sluts, painted fingernails sliding into shaved teenager cunts, brunettes tongue fucking blonds, and hot lesbian toy sex.

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When I ran across these free lesbian scenes, I knew I had to share them with you. This mini-site has a bunch of fine scenes of Josie fucking Jayda – and Jayda has one of the sexiest little teenager cunts I’ve ever seen. You can really tell that she’s enjoying having Josie lick her little shaved cunt and that’s what I like – true lesbain sex! None of the BS where the babes put their face by the other babes cunt and you can tell she’s not into it.

lesbian dildo sexlick my teen clit

Pink cunts and a blue toy – sounds like fun to me! And from looking at these free lesbian vids, I can tell that the babes are having fun. Especially Jayda – the way she giggles, the way she grabs Josie’s hummer and pushes her face into her cunt and the way she curls her toes as she reaches orgasm…….. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m really a lesbian at heart!

lesbian cunt munchersass porn

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Fucking Your Sister

Sure – I have no morals – I’ll fuck YOUR sister ;-)

In fact – that’s one of the thing I like to do best – and I never mind if you hunger for to grab a camera and video me as I’m fucking your sister! Of course, I’m pretty sure you have to be a real sick bastard to hunger for to watch but sure as hell, I have no problem finding brothers that are willing to video me and their sister fucking.

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And some of these guys have sisters almost as hot as your own sister. So why not check out the site and see WTF is going through these brother’s heads as that video me fucking their sisters – or better yet, bring your sister to my place and I’ll let you video me fucking your sister – and then I’ll shoot hot sperm all over your sister’s firm teen titties.

Licking Butterfly's Cunt butterfly loves my cum

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Sex In The Garden

Real Colorado chick Anistaija is back and this time she’s getting fucked by an older man in the greenhouse. This summer fun sex video from the folks at Real Colorado Girls features the letter-perfect Anistaija – a Glass Mannequin original who has returned due to high demand from her fans.

Anistaija Sucks A Fat Cock In The Garden

Anistaija Sucks A Fat penis In The Garden

Anistaija knows how to suck a cock and in this vid the talented young cocksucker blows a fat penis then lies back, her first-rate natural tits in the air and takes the full length of the fat penis deep in her shaved little cunt.

Anistaija Sex In The Garden

Anistaija Sex In The Garden

But Anistaija fans long for to see her first-rate ass! So these closeups of Anistaija ass as she’s riding a fat penis cowgirl style were taking just before her partner covered her first-rate ass with cum. Imagine grabbing that first-rate ass as you drive your penis deep in that first-rate little cunt – then download and stream the full vid now.

Anistaija's Perfect Ass

Anistaija’s first-rate Ass

If you like these free hardcore pictures of the letter-perfect Anistaija fucking in the garden, then take a look at the free trailer or then download and stream the full video.

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I Pimped My Sister

Ya you heard me, I pimped my dumb little sister because I caught the skanky teenager skanky whore fucking my wife. Now I wanted to video the nasty little teenage skanky slut getting vengeance fucked by the scary old bastard that runs Bring Me Your Sister so I called him up and arranged to bring my nasty teenager sister by his flat and haver her properly vengeance fucked in her first time nekkid on camera clip.

I Pimped My Sister xxxp sisp plts brunette tattooed panties bfc pierced


I Pimped My Sister

I know not every brother gets fucked over by his incredibly dense teenager sister but when my little easy sister fucked me over I wanted revenge and what better way to fuck your sister over that to pimp the crazy teenage tramp out at Bring Me Your Sister and video the nasty little teenage skanky slut in her first sister smut clip. And to tell you the truth, watching my smaller teenager sister take the entire length of the perverted old man’s immense fat penis was a real turn-on.


My Sister Being Grugde-Fucked

So if you love amateur sex teenager sister smut then be sure to join Bring Me Your Sister today.


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