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Fucking My Sister’s Shaved Teenager Cunt

I fucking got to video it! I mean, I got to video this old bastard fucking my sister’s shaved coed pussy! My stupid little sister Shaye Baxter dropped my laptop and wrecked it but the little cunt had no way to pay me back. When I read the add in the paper, I knew what I was going to do – and unless the little cunt could pay me back some other way, she was going to fuck on camera for the first time – and lucky me was going to get to hold one of the camera’s. I’d never made sister porn before!

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Now I’m not sure if it’s normal for a brother to yearn for to watch his sister having sex – but for me, it was vengeance time! Filming my sister get fucked by an old guy was vengeance indeed – maybe if she pisses me off again, I’ll show the clip to her precious daddy! He would just fucking love that.

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Anyway, my little sister didn’t have much of a choice so she did let me video her fucking. It was a little weird at first watching this dude’s monstrous cock hammering her small coed pussy but I did my job and held the camera. Before the shoot, I had no idea how cute my sister’s coed pussy was. The little bitch has a sexy little fat coed cunt and she even keeps it shaved real nice. I must say, I made some pretty hot sister porno that day.

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The old man was having a pretty good time licking and fucking her fat little pussy but her kept making wise ass comments to me about me watching my sister getting fucked. I mean really, he’s the perv fucking my sister, not me! Well, after what seamed like forever, the old guy pulls his cock out of her fat coed pussy and sets a mammoth load of hot cream all over her tight coed belly. It was fucking hot making sister porno – and I got enough bucks to fix my computer – faultless! If you yearn for to check out the clip I made of my sister, I had it posted at

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Latina Cuntmunchers

Making a sex clip with teens like Honey Dew and Faith Vega is always fun – just grab a camera, throw the teens in a bedroom and try to keep the camera pointed at someone’s cunt… sounds simple, right? Well that’s exactly what the guys at Real Colorado Girls did when Honey and Faith asked if they could make a scene together.  As you can see in this first sex clip film, Faith is the shy one and Honey is the one that can’t wait to get to her girlfriend’s “sweet spot”.  Peeling her underwear back, the auburn-haired Honey gets her first taste of her girlfriend’s shaved teenager pussy.

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In the second homemade clip film, Honey has her Latina Booty in the air giving us all a amazing view of her puffy teenager pussy as she chows down on her girlfriend’s pussy. The full scene can be found Real Colorado Girls.

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The third film of this homemade lesbian sex scene shows Honey fingering Faith’s pussy as she sucks on Faith’s hard little nipples. Faith arches her back to get more finger-action as Honey finds the sweet-spot. View the free trailer or join to download.

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I don’t know what turns me on more in this film – the sexy freckles on Honey’s face or Faith’s faultless Latina pussy being licked by her petite freckled girlfriend…..  homemade content exclusive to Real Colorado Girls.

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Finally we get to see the shy girlfriend try her tongue at cunt-munching….   and seeing Honey’s faultless natural boobs, with their little hard nipples poking out is a bonus.

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And in the final film of this Real Colorado Girls homemade film you can watch the teens kissing as Faoth reaches down and gets one last poke at her girlfriends puffy teenager pussy.

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Real homemade sex scenes of local teenage teens – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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