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Salt And Pepper Booty Show

Gracelynn Moans is back and this time the Glass Mannequin original is having her first interracial lesbian experience with the hard-bodied black teen Jager Nightly – with her butt in the air, this great blonde gets her skinny black girlfriend to climax as we watch her top-notch white booty and her puffy pink pussy.

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But no lesbian video is complete till both coeds lick some cunt so I threw in this lesbian scene of Jager returning the oral favor on her white girlfriend, her little black booty in the air and her sweet little pussy being licked as she did the same to her blonde girlfriend.

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And for those of you who like closeups – the vid has enough pussy and booty sets to please butt and pussy lovers everywhere.

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Interracial Cunt-Munching

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My Sister’s Cunt Ate My Lizard

Last week my sister’s fucking pussy ate my lizard – now I know what you’re thinking but that’s not what I meant. You see, my stupid fucking sister has this stupid fucking cat that won’t stay the fuck out of my room. I had this immaculate terrarium and a really cool iguana lizard. Her cat got in the room and knocked the terrarium off the desk and the cat killed my iguana. My sister had no dough to pay for the lizard so I decided to pimp her lazy butt out to a guy that makes sister porno shoots. I called the guy and told him what my sister’s pussy had done and asked him if he could help punish her for not watching her cat. He told me to bring the little cunt by his place later that evening and he would let me film he in my sister’s first porno video.

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My Sister

As soon as I got off work, I threw my sister in the ride and took her over to the guy’s abode. He invited us in and explained to my sister that she could earn the dough to pay for my iguana and e few2 extra coin for her – all she had to do was make a porno shoot with him. She was pissed – at first she wanted to kill me but my sister had no way of paying me back except by fucking. She finally accepted and was ready to fuck the old guy but then he told her that I would be filming them. She didn’t want her brother filming her nekkid – let alone having sex but the little cunt had no choice. It was either pay for the lizard or get the fuck out of my abode. So there I was, filming my sister suck this guys cock…. It was fucking immaculate to see how embarrassed she was at first – but then my sister started enjoying riding his whopping penis and it got a little weird again. My sister must have had half-a-dozen orgasms as she fucked in front of my camera. The little cunt kept moaning and fucking harder as I sat there and filmed her pink pussy taking this guy’s substantial penis. I never knew my sister was such a fucking little skank. Anyway, the guy said I did a letter-perfect job filming my sister in her first porno shoot and invited Cameron Dane back to make more porno if she wanted. He also told me I could download my sister’s first porno video at

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Faith Vega Fucks The Red Dragon

Faith Vega had been hanging out at the home and was a little bored when Josie challenged her to “fuck the red dragon”. Now Faith is not one to back down from a challenge so out with the cameras and we had a smut shoot! Josie and I ran the cameras and all Faith had to do was stuff the red vibrator as deep in her shaved coed cunt as possible. She was a little shy at first but soon got the hang of masturbating with the dildo and was having a letter-perfect old time fucking herself.

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Faith Vega and the Red Dragon

This hot brown haired Latina was a whole lot of fun to watch as she worked the red sex toy in and out of her cute little Latina cunt. In fact, I think I jerked off to the scene three times the first day I downloaded it from Glass Mannequin.

Faith Vega Masturbating

Faith Vega Masturbating

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Fuck My Skanky Little Sister

Whats up with dumb sluts that can’t drive!!!! Piper Brady felt like going for a ride in her brothers auto, and of course the stupid bitch can’t appreciate shit because the dumb tramp crashed the auto and fucked up the bumper. Now the dumb babes brother is out $800 and he needs it now.Piper’s brother told her that she needs to fuck the old man for cash to pay back the cash she owes him. Convincing his dumb sister to fuck the old fart for $800 wasn’t that hard. Being the dirty skanky slut she is, she agreed.but she didn’t know the nasty old man was going to capture the whole thing on shoot, and she surely didn’t know that her nasty brother would be the one holding the camera. To see this naughty sister pay back her brother by making her first smut Join bring me your sister.

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Little Sister In trouble

On her back like the little skank she is this brunette starts sucking the old mans fat boner. This little bitch was loving the old mans dick so much its like she forgot her brother was only inches away capturing it all on shoot. To see more of what the nasty brother captures on film  Join bring me your sister

Sucking a Fat dick

Sucking a Fat dick

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The Sex Isn’t Done Until Everyone Cums

There’s nothing like fucking a hard-bodied coed that knows how to fuck and Maxi Booty is one of those skanky cock-sucking sperm-loving coeds. Maxi and I hadn’t had sex for a while so we were both looking forward to a romp but I don’t think either of us could have known that the sex would be so good. Maxi showed up in a super-small pair of shorts and sexy red undies – and like a good little skanky slut, she let the old man finger her wet little cunt – but it didn’t stop there……..

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Maxi Booty Gets Her Cunt Fingered

Maxi loves cock and she’s one of those girls that climaxes the hardest when her dainty little cunt is stuffed to the brim with a thick cock – and she doesn’t give a shit that the cock is as old as her grandfathers – so long as it’s hard and thick, she’ll fuck it till she comes. Se especially likes it rough so grab her firm teenager rack, rub her clit hard and slam your throbbing cock balls-deep in her prime teenager cunt – or download the video clip on Real Colorado Girls

One Orgasm Isn't Enough

One Orgasm Isn’t Enough

But be prepared – after she sucks the last drops of sperm from your pulsating shaft, this teenager nympho is likely to mount you again and ride you cowgirl style till she cums again – fingering her clit helps her along so be a trooper and give her a hand – then wank to the full video clip on Real Colorado Girls.

Maxi Booty Climaxing For The 2nd Time

Maxi Booty Climaxing For The 2nd Time

We shot this amateur sex video clip for Real Colorado Girls and it’s become one of the favorites of our members.

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Soaking Wet Teenager-sex

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Who loves wet cunt? Good – because at Real Colorado Girls it’s all about wet cunt and this time’s it’s about two skanky amateur sex girls having teen-sex in the hot tub. Gracelynn Moans and Alison Rapture are two local girls that not only love wet cunt, they love to be filmed licking it. In this free Real Colorado Girls clip, the two teenage lesbians take turns fucking each other with a glass vibrator as they tease each others wet little cunts with their tongues. Members can stream and download the full HQ video of these two skanky girls having teen-sex in addition to watching both of these honies in solo, lesbian and boy-teen action.

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Skanky Little Skank Gets Her Teenager Cunt Slammed

Real Colorado Girls is known for finding the local sluts and when they do they film the little whores and post it on their website. This time they filmed the skanky little skank Savanna Minx getting her teenager cunt slammed in front of the fire. Savanna wasn’t completely passive and did her best to please her lover. In fact, this little skank isn’t afraid to take the lead to please her man. View the free trailer, stream and download the video or check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Naughty Little Slut Gets Her Teen Pussy Slammed

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Naughty Little Slut Gets Her Teen Pussy Slammed

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Naughty Little Slut Gets Her Teen Pussy Slammed

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Cute Coed Showing Off

At Real Colorado Girls we love teens that enjoy their own body and 18-year-old Butterfly Haze is one of those teens. You know, the kind of teen that’s just skanky enough to show of in front of the camera but still fun to take flat for a romp in the sack. In this photoset, Butterfly plays with a small red toy as she shows off how skanky she can be. Download all 301 HQ images and check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Cute Teenager Showing Off

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Cute Teenager Showing Off

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