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Fun With Thena Sky

Thena Sky is a regular at Real Colorado Girls and why not, this sexy brunette is a neighbor coed that loves to get skanky for the cameras. Enjoy this small collection of sexy pictures or download all 93 images or check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Fun With Thena Sky

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Fun With Thena Sky

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Lady Lez, Colorado’s Pure Lesbian Power

LadyLez teen lesbian redhead with big boobs bnts gnd lcm

This lesbian cunt loves the ladies and never passed up a chance to fuck as many of them on camera as she could. Lady has stared in a seven or eight amateur sex lesbian vids and half a dozen lesbian photo shoots. Each time this cunnilingus skanky slut would bring a new babe over we would get a new lesbian shoot. Lady’s natural energy on camera is unequaled and it’s obvious that her enjoyment, and her orgasm’s is real. At only 18, lady has more experience than most babes – claiming to have fucked over 200 women, this cunt doesn’t hesitate to bury her face in a babes crotch and proceed to make her cream. See more lesbian porn at

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Sex In The Tipi

Cheyenne Winters came by Mr. Richards house one cold night for a dip in his hot tub and ended up fucking him in the tipi before the night was over. Laying nekkid on her back the old man grabs his camera and tapes himself pampering the sexy teenagers wet cunt with his dirty old fingers. To see more of Cheyenne’s tight young body and pretty cunt Join Real Colorado Girls

Hot Blonde Gets Pampered

Hot blonde Gets Pampered

I think the little Colorado tease came over to Mr.Richards house just to fuck but i dont think he really cares. Bottom line is this sexy blonde is ready to get real freaky letting the old man shoot her sucking his fat erection and more. To see more of this naughty slut slobbing on a giant cock Join Real Colorado Girls

A Sexy Blow Job

A Sexy Blow Job

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Three-some Amateur Sex Orgy Caught On Clip

I’ve fucked a few sluts in my life but not all of them let me video it. Add a 2nd skanky slut to the mix and the chances are even slimmer that you’ll ever get to video yourself fucking them – and it’s just this type of three some orgy that we all long for to catch on scene so that we can show out punk-butt friends that we really fucked two girls at once.

butterflyhaze tasheburke bgg orgy amateur teen brunette plts hym   xxxp shaved lcm

Butterfly Haze knew that Tasha Burks and I were into the swinging shoot so she approached Tasha and asked if she could try her first three-some. Tasha then set it up so that we could video it and put the video on our site. Butterfly had made a homemade scene before but was still a bit nervous about taking my king-sized cock.

hcm booty tattooed shaved athletic   pierced

Tasha was able to get Butterfly relaxed and was soon devouring on her coed cunt as I licked Tasha’s wet little cunt. Butterfly’s coed cunt was getting all wet form Tasha’s tongue fucking so I figured it was time to slide my substantial penis into her tiny coed cunt.

sbj   oldny porn

I have to tell you that fucking each of these girls is a lot of fucking fun – but fucking both of these girls is fucking superb! Butterfly with her sexy tattoos and piercings and Tasha with her evil blue eyes. You can see all the real homemade sex vids I’ve of these two girls on my website.

brunette giving head sbj   orgy

What a top-notch little cunt! OMG! As I hammered her wet cut it was all I could do to keep from blowing my wad inside of her. I wanted to cum right then but I also wanted to fuck her longer. Hell, I wanted to hammer her coed cunt all fucking night long. See more homemade movies of these two at


After what seemed like only a few seconds of fucking Butterfly’s coed cunt, I grabbed Tasha and slid my throbbing penis in her already wet cunt. Her cunt was so warm and tight that I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course I filmed the entire orgy – and these are just a few samples of how hot these sluts can be – members of my site get to see the entire video.


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Aerynn Black – Faultless Booty And Kinky As Hell

AerynnBlack blonde amateur porn model in glasses petite booty gnd

Aerynn taught me a thing or two about sex ;-) . Aerynn came to us a year ago and did a few unclothed photo sets before getting in front of the movie cameras. One needs to watch this kinky little cunt or she may surprise you – her personal life is as kinky as her life as an amateur sex porno star. She likes to pick up guys and “show them the ropes” – be careful out there….. LOL

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So You Wanted To See My Cunt

Here are the rest of Sadie’s vid shoots from her first dildo scene. She managed to fuck herself with the dildo for a while then she stuffed her own fingers as deep as she could in her wet teenager cunt and finished the job the way she does in private. One thing I like about real homemade sex movies is the coeds get down just like they do when they are not being filmed…. real coeds having real sex.

SaideSinz anateur teen brunette xemo tattooed gnd sfm dildo bnts

Sadie has more than a unblemished teenager pussy, this chick also also a unblemished set of firm natural boobs and a round teenager butt. When Sadie rolled over on the couch and put her butt in the air I just about blew my was in my blue jeans. It’s a good thing I had my camera in my hand or I would have been jerking off as I filmed her stuffing the pink dildo in her little teenager cunt.

Watching a chick finger fuck herself is one of my favorite things in the world and when Sadie started to quiver in orgasm, it really turned me on. This was her first ever orgasm on camera and it was faultless to be able to shoot it for all of you. If you like what you see here, you can download the entire high-quality vid on our main site at

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Roxy Rox Fucking Rocks!!!!

Colorado teen Roxy Rox is young, sexy and ready to live her life… Even when she gets in trouble this wild thing can’t help but have a little fun on set. Putting the sex-toy in her ass crack this teenager shows why she’s the baddest cunt in Colorado. To see how this skanky teen got herself in this predicament Join Bring Me Your Sister

Roxy Rox Fucking Rocks!!!!

Roxy Rox Fucking Rocks!!!!

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